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    Hi All

    I do have a site made with Weaver Xtreme 1.2.2. Will this keep working with WP 5.3?

    Kind regards



    Probably, but you will have to test it your self. No guarantees as 1.2.2 is VERY VERY old.

    It is even likely that updating to the latest Weaver Xtreme and the latest theme support plugin will still work.

    Just for kicks, I actually revived a copy of Weaver Xtreme 1.2.2 to test. (I revised the theme name so I could test both 1.2.2 and the latest 4.3.3.)

    I used 1.2.2 to set one of the no longer provided subthemes as the theme – this would change the saved settings to the old values.

    And, somewhat amazingly to me, there were really only very minor differences between how the site looked using 1.2.2 vs 4.3.3. And 1.2.2 seemed to work fine with the latest version of WP. The main differences I saw were in how a search instance looked – different search icon and search box layout. TheĀ  “powered by” message at the bottom was different, too.

    There are significant issues trying to use the new WP block editor, however – things don’t break, they just don’t work optimally in that editor. But if you don’t have block editor pages, it probably won’t matter. You would require the classic editor plugin for sure.

    But it is important to note that 1.2.2 has bugs in it. I don’t think there are any security issues in the theme, but there are certainly some very significant security issues that have been fixed in WP so updating to 5.3 is very important.

    The main difference updating to a later version of Weaver Xtreme is the inclusion of support for the Customizer. Because of this, you certainly would need to update to the latest version of the theme support plugin as well, as the legacy options interface requires that. You can disable the customizer from being installed in the advanced options.

    So – I’d recommend you try making a backup of your existing 1.2.2 settings from the save/restore option tab. Then install the latest Weaver Xtreme Theme support plugin and the latest 4.3.3 Weaver Xtreme version. I at that point, I think your site will look and function almost identically.

    Quite an interesting experiment for me, really. It is not a good idea to not update your WP, theme, and plugins, but the WP environment is actually quite good at backward compatibility.

    Follow up note: If you haven’t updated your theme, I’d guess you might have other plugins that you haven’t updated either. This is likely not a good idea as plugins are very susceptible to security problems.


    I would have to ask, why not update the theme ???


    @Scrambler, I do not want to break the website.


    There is no reason it should break the website, and not updating carries its own risks.

    If the website is super sensitive and you really don’t want to take any risks, you should clone your site in a subfolder of your Installation, and use the clone to test the update.

    There is an article in the guide about cloning a site.

    Like that you will have a test site you can use not just for testing updates, but to test anything else, content or design wise. Make sure you set the cloned site to not be indexed by search engines, and put it in maintenance mode between test.


    You are more likely to end up with a broken web site if you don’t update.

    As far as my initial testing indicated, a 1.2.2 site will function without issues when updated to the latest 4.3.3.

    As scrambler noted, it would be safest to clone the site to test.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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