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    why weave theme is not availabe in wordpress.com.
    I created blog on wordpress.com. just wondering why it is not available in wordpress.com


    You should read the article below to fully understand the difference and pros and cons between WordPress.org (where all themes an plugins are available) and WordPress.com the service side.


    WordPress.com does not let you use all the plugins or themes beyond their own limited selection. It is a fairly closed system.

    It has some advantages, but if you want the freedom to use any WordPress theme or plugin, you need to use another host provider.

    @weaver may have more on what makes a theme be available on wordpress.com


    Theme authors can submit themes for consideration by the WordPress.COM folks, and they MIGHT add it. They would never allow a theme like Weaver with all of its options for all sorts of reasons – both marketing based, and the fact that they can’t confirm all the security issues themselves, even though there has never been a known security issue with Weaver.  Weaver is a complex theme, and would beyond the scope of their ability to verify every detail  – which is important to the .COM side.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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