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    Hi there,

    after a while of using elementor I noticed that my weaver options (f.e. per page / per post options) have gone! am I just missing something or can’t I use weaver and elementor together? I thought I had seen them in the lower part of the window in the usual space when editing posts or pages before but now not anymore. Even in the old posts long before I started using elementor the weaver part has disappeared. What has happened? I noticed this when I wanted the featured image not to show on single post page (like i did with many other posts). Feeling a bit stupid …


    thank you,




    I use elementor and my per post/page options are all there. Click on the Screen Options tab in the upper right corner and make sure the “Weaver Xtreme 4 Options For This Post (with Weaver Xtreme Plus Options)” box is checked.



    You are out of sync between the Theme version and the theme support plugin.

    As of version 4.x, the Page/post options are in the theme not the theme support plugin, so if you are using an older version of the theme (3.x) with a recent version of the theme support plugin (4.x), you would loose these options.

    Update the theme to its latest version



    thanks again, weaver, for always being so helpful! updating the theme did the trick!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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