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    Converting from Weaver II Pro to Weaver Xtreme V2 with Plus.  Weaver II Pro had the option of the Lower/Left Sidebar Widget area.  Weaver Xtreme on has sidebar options of Primary and Secondary.  How do add the Widget Area in Xtreme?  I’m referring to the Widget Area, not the individual widgets that you drag into the widget area.  So on http://lakewylietax.com you notice the 3 widget areas.  When I convert to Xtreme, I can no longer maintain the look of the widget areas.  The primary widget area, is fine.  The secondary widget area is fine after conversion.  But when I created a widget area called leftlower, I don’t know how to add it to the left sidebar.  Do I need to define a custom field for each page it needs to appear in the left sidebar and and use [widget_area area='leftlower'].  If so, what is the name of the custom field?
    If I drag the individual widgets into the secondary widget area, it all runs together and doesn’t look good.


    You only have two sidebar widget areas in Xtreme.

    If you want to create more than two blocks (rounded border) in the sidebar, you need to apply the style to the widgets instead.

    You place 3 widgets in the Primary Sidebar widget area

    You style the widgets (rounded border) in Main options > Sidebar & Layout > Individual widgets, either using the border and rounded corner option, or using the BG CSS+ box

    You add padding to the widget content using the padding boxes

     You remove the default padding on the Primary widget area, putting a zero in the Primary widget area padding boxes


    Thanks.  Converted site is now complete.  Could you please review for two things:
    1. Being picky – I can’t seem to find the right combination to make the spacing equal for the widgets that appear within the Secondary Widget Area as the space between the Primary and Secondary.  The space between the primary widget area and the second widget area is greater than the space between the individual widgets that appear in the secondary widget.  Also, how can I add some padding beneath the menu so the Primary Widget Area isn’t resting on the bottom of the menu?

    2. Related to the same site – different problem.  So while you are reviewing the concern above, click on the Services Tab.  What do I need to do/change to have the show posts appear correctly.  It is as if I need to increase the top margin to allow the content area to show.  It is cutting off the top of the Title of the first post.


    1- you need to get rid of the top and bottom margin on the primary and secondary widget area, by putting a zero in the respectivge boxes.
    Also get rid of the top margin on individual widgets.

    2- You have a custom CSS rule

    .page-id-24 article {
     margin-top: -15px;

    Causing that


    Ya know, sometimes it is just the simple things that trip you up.
    Thanks for your help.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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