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    Selecting the “Hide Sidebars when this post displayed on Single Post
    page” option expands the content to fill the page, but the sidebar is
    still displayed below the content section, it is just displaced
    downward. It does this when I have a Weaver Show Posts shortcode in the post

    [show_posts category_name=blah-blah cols=3 excerpt_length=30 order=ASC
    orderby=title posts_per_page=-1 show=excerpt ignore_sticky_posts=0
    hide_bottom_info=true hide_top_info=true]

    See example at http://underwoodcommunity.org/garden-plots/

    I’m not sure if this started with the recent WordPress 4.2.1 upgrade
    but it is affecting a large number of posts on our
    UnderwoodCommunity.org site. I use posts as pages on the site to enable a
    many-to-many relationship between facilities and uses. If the visitor
    scrolls down the post it results in a very unprofessional look.


    I think there are some confusion here.

    A single post page has nothing to do with the show post shortcode.

    Show post is to display post on a regular page or content area. The single post page is… the Single post page.

    That being said, the first link you gave is indeed a single post page,  and it does have the sidebar present. If you have indeed checked the hide sidebar option on that post, something is up.

    The first thing to do is to deactivate ALL non weaver plugin to see if something may be interfering.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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