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    I want to update to Weaver Xtreme from Weaver II Pro.  The instructions on the Weaver Xtreme page for doing this include:

    ‘Before converting, you should make sure you are running the latest version of Weaver II or Weaver II pro.
    To download the latest version of Weaver II Pro, go to
    Weaver II pro Download page

    However, no joy.  I realize that I’ve waited too long to begin the process. Where can I download

    What do you suggest?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    Here is a notice I get on my dashboard:

    A newer version of Weaver II Pro is available. Please visit Update Weaver II for complete instructions.
    Updating to the new Weaver II version requires using the WordPress automatic theme update process (open the Dashboard:Updates menu), or an optional simple, one-time manual update. The new version has some important tweaks, as well as support for the standard automatic process for future updates. <small>Because the update is so important, this notice will remain visible until you perform the update.'</small>

    I am using WP 6.1.1 and I think I’m using Weaver II 2.2.1 (not sure about Weaver version)

    Here is a link to our website:






    J.D. Wilson

    Covington, WA



    A few things.

    Your site uses basic layouts, so you really don’t need to convert anything, you can just activate Xtreme (along with its Xtreme Theme Support Plugin), pick a subtheme that is the closest to what you have now, then fine tune the settings manually (we can help with that if needed).
    Use that process to freshen up your site and update some of it, using new functionalities like full width areas and such.

    As you do that, you can always revert back temporarily to Weaver II pro while you work on Xtreme when you can.

    If the site is too sensitive to be disturbed as you fine tune the Xtreme settings, you could clone the site in a sub directory, and figure things out on the clone, then copy settings over to the main site when done.

    If you really want to convert, you could activate the latest version of Weaver II (non pro version) you would not loose anything doing that. That version can be downloaded from here: Archive Downloads – Weaver Xtreme Theme (weavertheme.com)

    Then follow the conversion process. Converting a Weaver II (Pro) or Aspen site to Weaver Xtreme – Weaver Xtreme Guide (weavertheme.com)

    But really at this point, I would just activate Xtreme and refresh the site while tuning up the settings.


    Thank you for your help!


    I’ve installed Xtreme.  Is there a way to save changes before it goes live?  Specifically, I want to add a contact form on the home page.  The current form on the home page is outdated and no longer supported.  I’ll be using a WP Forms contact form as the replacement.  Once I have the contact form in place I can update / tweak the rest of the site while it is live.

    It’s been a while since I have done any configuration changes to the website and I’m getting back up to speed.



    You do as you please. You can install the new contact form before or after you activate Xtreme, as you wish

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