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    I usually use Weaver xtreme…but my client wants her old site updated and the person before me set this up long ago using the old theme. I tried upgrading, but the way the site is set up in the header area, it would not work. I need to place the navigation under the header area. I see home, but not my other navigation elements. How do I move my navigation under the Header? Right now the nav is down the right side. http://cmgroupinteractive.com/signpro/

    Thanks in advance.


    Staying of Weaver II does not make any sense at this time.

    I tried upgrading, but the way the site is set up in the header area, it would not work

    This is not a valid argument. Everything can be done using Xtreme. If you do not know how to achieve something with Xtreme, post a link to the site using Xtreme and explain in detail what you want to do.

    The way they did the Logo at the top left is actually not responsive, as you reduce the browser size, the alignment goes bad and the logo becomes incomplete…

    You could do something similar in XTreme, in a better way and fully responsive, using  the WordPress site logo, and a bit of custom CSS to create the offset (which we can help with).

    As for the reason you cannot see your other menu items, it is because they have the same color as the menu bar BG. So change the menu item color and they will become visible 🙂

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    Thank you for nav info. Good point on the masthead. I had not gotten to the point of checking that yet. I will have to talk to the client. It has to do with the amount of money they want to spend. I would rather use the extreme for obvious reasons.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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