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    Is there any information about what affect (if any) you expect the WP Gutenberg to have on Weaver Pro II or Weaver Xtreme?


    Right now this sounds like another page builder and these work fine with Weaver Themes, as a way to create the content of a specific page or post.

    If they get to a point or taking charge of the whole site structure then things may change.

    Page builders and their WYSIWYG interface have the potential to make themes obsolete (unless theme reinvent themselves using the same paradigm). One could envision a page builder interface in charge of the whole site structure to interactively position and size blocks for header, content footer sidebars etc…

    You would have site-wide page building layout, and then you would edit these site-wide layouts on a per page and post basis, to either just add content layout to them, or also change the site global layout on that specific page or post.

    I think it is only a matter of time until this happens, as a true WYSIWYG interactive user interface to compose a site layout is the ultimate way of working. If themes are not rewritten in that way, page builder type plugins could take over.



    I don’t know. It is somewhat likely that Weaver II may not play well with Gutenberg, but whenever it comes close to being an actual, functional product, we will try to be sure Weaver Xtreme works with it.

    As far as I know, the ultimate fate of Gutenberg is undecided. I strongly believe it they try to make it the default editor, it will be the end of WordPress as we know it. A complete and total disaster, in my opinion.

    Not to say that it may have some very nice points, but to serve as the default replacement of the editor and all the current options and ways it works will simply cut out hundreds of thousands of current WordPress users. I hope they recover some sanity and simply make it an optional alternative editor, but I think the powers that be have their minds made up.

    Mark my words, if Gutenberg becomes the default editor, it will create total chaos in the WP world and break tens of thousands of sites the instant the site is edited.


    @weaver, I would definitely agree that it should be an option, as you can never be sure that it would convert 100% of the existing content properly.

    Hopefully they have learned from the text widget fiasco and will not repeat that!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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