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    Does anyone know where I can dive into the CSS on the Weaver 2010 theme to stop the table of contents from popping up on a page when there are more than two items coded to H2?

    Would LOVE it if that didn’t appear on every page. Wastes space above the fold. Thanks!


    Without a link to the page in question with Specifics, it is hard to know what you mean.
    But it sounds like you are using a VERY outdated version of weaver theme… You may want to consider upgrading to the latest Weaver Xtreme version.

    There once was a version of Weaver called Weaver 2010. It is essentially 6 years old, and has not been supported for many years now.

    If you are really using Weaver 2010, the underpinnings of WP have changed so much that it is not likely it will work at all as expected.

    The issue you describe doesn’t sound like anything we’ve heard about with recent versions of the theme.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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