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    This is a longshot question, but I see there are a few old threads here, so I’m going to ask anyway.

    Need a relatively seamless, transparent E-commerce solution. Products will be sold online, as well as in a retail environment using those cards readers snapped on a mobile device (e.g. iPhone, iPad).
    Does anyone have recommendations they have used?

    Yes, I have searched the Internet and there are so many options. Would be great if someone from here might have a good answer.

    Thanks in advance.

    I highly recommend Squareup.com.  I am using this for a couple of businesses and although neither has exploited it to the maximum extent, it’s a really simple eCommerce solution with no monthly fee.  Site that is a combination of Weaver II and Square Market is zainhomecollection.com.  Buy a rug while you’re at it!


    I have done a number of sites with weaver and weaver extreme using woo commerce. There’s quite a learning curve, but it is by far the most versatile out there with endless plugins and support. Highly recommended


    I am building a small site using Woo commerce. It’s working out well. There is good documentation, but for some changes you have to do a little more research i.e. how to change number of products shown on a page. 

    And some code needs to be added to the function.php file, which is easily done via Weaver Advanced Head option.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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