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    I’ve missed something along the way.  I had installed the Classic Editor to disable Gutenberg.  Everything was fine.  Now, I don’t have a Visual Tab.  Trying to research this, I was advised to install the Disable Gutenberg Plugin which I have done.  Even so, all I am left with is the raw html.  No Text Tab either.

    The suggestion was to contact the Theme Developer.  Any suggestions?

    Beats me!


    https://www.lakewyliefamilychiropractic.com is the site.  Sorry.

    This may be an isolated issue to this site??


    Since this is an admin side issue, a link to your site won’t help.

    There are many many Weaver Xtreme users using the Classic Editor plugin (shouldn’t need any other plugin), and get both visual and text views.

    It is possible to check the Weaver Xtreme no visual option on a per-page basis, so be sure you didn’t do that somehow.

    If you open your pages/posts in the list mode from the dashboard, then you should see the option to open a page/post either in the classic or block editors. Try opening in classic from there.


    Also make sure you did not check the page editing option called “Allow Raw HTML and script” as that would limit the editor to HTML


    Istnieje konflikt między Weaver Xtreme Plus a aktualną wersją WordPress (5.3.2.). Klasyczny edytor wbudowany w wordpress w ogóle nie działa.

    Editor: translation: There is a conflict between Weaver Xtreme Plus and the current version of WordPress (5.3.2.). The classic editor built into wordpress doesn’t work at all.

    Editor: We can’t verify any conflict.


    Do you see the Visual tab on the Reply To: field on this forum?

    The forum is running Weaver Xtreme with Weaver Xtreme Plus, is using WP 5.3.2, and the Classic Editor 1.5.

    The forum has been set up to use this configuration.

    Our development site, using a completely different hosting setup, also uses this configuration.

    We cannot reproduce the issue, although there have been a couple of reports with issues.

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    Duh!  Do I feel stupid!    Somehow and somewhere that boxed got ticked ‘do not to allow the Visual Tab’.  I haven’t had to work on this website since 2011 because your themes are so solid.  It wasn’t until COVID-19 that I needed to update the website that we were closed until further notice in these difficult times. I have a plugin that updates your theme automatically so I don’t ever have to check except on occasion to ensure everything else is behaving.


    As Always, we can’t thank enough for providing us a quality product to work with.

    Thank You.


    In response to your email:

    The issue had nothing to do with the plugin.  Everything is working perfectly.  It was simply a check-mark in the wrong place.  All of my other sites are not having issues.  I must have had a senior moment back in 2011.


    Thanks for your reply.

    These are indeed difficult times.

    Since there was a different thread reporting issues with the Classic Editor, I was wondering if there was something new. Turns out that problem was completely unrelated (and still unsolved!), so it is good to know there are no real issues.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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