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    I have been using Weaver II pro for a long time and is considering upgrading to Weaver Xreme.

    However I remembered back then I had a very hard time building pages & content (such as 2-column content) as I was a novice. 

    I am afraid Weaver Xtreme is a totally new ball game & I have to spend lots of time learning & building my website again (both current ones and new ones that I intend to do).

    But I will still stick to Weaver for its superb customisation.

    I came across Visual Composer plugin and it sounds like a very good plugin for building content.

    Is it compatible to Weaver II Pro or Weaver Xtreme?

    1- First, you will not have to spend a lot of time learning and building your website again, as Xtreme follows the same logic as weaver II. It does however rationalize things making it easier to fond things, and adds a number of powerful features.
    There is also a detailed procedure to convert a site below
    2- Xtreme also has new powerful Widget area styling allowing to organize content in these areas in multiple columns easily. If you add the “plus” plugin, it can even create custom width widget layout in these area. All in a responsive manner, with layout adapting to the screen size.
    You can read more on that feature here.
    3- Xtreme also has simplified multi columns classes helping you create these in your content. Read below
    4- You can explore the demo site below to see a lot of this illustrated in the various pages
    5- Finally to answer your question about page composing plugins, there is no reason they would not be compatible with Xtreme, but we cannot know for sure until someone try them. One that has been mentioned before is page builder from Site origin.


    Xtreme sounds good!

    I will get Xtreme to setup a new website, familiarise and then upgrade the other existing ones.

    Thank you.


    This is very interesting. I didn’t know that plugins like Visual Composer, Beaver Builder existed before reading this question.

    I’m a novice too, with only two websites (one older; one just getting started) that I have to occasionally need to manage. 
    I’ve recently been trying to redesign and modernize the older one relying on plugins for this or that feature. I’ve wasted hours trying to find a column plugin that I understand or find easy and like to use.
    I truly appreciate!!! all the work that Bruce, Scrambler and others have put into Weaver and also their patient help with forum questions. I recently asked a dumb one that I should have easily figured out despite being a novice.
    While I love the customization features (checkboxes, per page etc.) of Weaver Pro/Xtreme, I find it extremely difficult to do anything “interesting” with the theme. I also understand that the theme is for more advanced users who regularly build/maintain sites.
    I have no clue how to do columns, parallax, magazine-style pages etc. without reading a lot of help files which wear me out. I am much more a visual learner.
    This whole idea of drag-and-drop modules seems to be the way many themes work.
    I just started experimenting with the Sandbox Demo on the Visual Composer website and am generally liking it. I need to spend a few more days with it, to see if it’s the answer to most of my needs. If it works seamlessly with the Weaver theme(s) then that may be like a Holy Grail.
    Again, I do truly appreciate Weaver and hope they will still answer my dumb questions:) I’ve spent too much time on just two webistes to think about changing themes now.
    I would just like to see more video demos and a move toward (some) drag-and-drop functionality. That may be impossible given  the backend design of Weaver.
    This is really meant to be a constructive and supportive comment of the Weaver theme. It does have some great, great features and very kind and helpful support.
    Thanks for reading


    “One that has been mentioned before is page builder from Site origin.”

    I have not tested Visual Composer or Beaver Builder recently, but Site Origin Page Builder remains compatible with WordPress 4.4 and Weaver Xtreme 2.0.  



    I can confirm that VC is working with Weaver Xtreme and plus plugin. I tried it just now, no problems until now.

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