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    i am trying to get my site DSGVO- safe. One of the many things is that apparently I am using Vimeo on the site, whichI am not aware of. I did not built the site, so i don’t know if Vimeo is integrated anywhere. Is there a way to find out? I would like to not use Vimeo, as this is just one more thing to work on DSGVO compliance.

    Also: Can I self host google fonts when using the weaver Xtreme plus font control?

    Thank you very much,

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    @weaver will need to comment about the fonts.

    About Vimeo, you probably have a video in your content that is hosted on Vimeo.


    Any use of Vimeo is completely independent of the theme.

    I’m not sure why one would want to self-host Google Fonts. I don’t know of any existing host that would be able to serve Google fonts faster than Google.

    i do think, however, that there are settings in Weaver Xtreme Plus that allow you to to set self-hosted fonts, and the directions for doing that should apply to Google fonts as well.



    Thank you for the answer. Self-hosting the fonts is necessary because of the German DSGVO law. Google fonts are not compliant with it because they are served form the US……Anyways, not going to say what I think about that…
    Can you tell me where I would find that setting in weaver Xtreme plus? I have been looking, but did not find it.
    Thanks again,

    kind regards!


    Sorry – I thought the options were on the Xtreme Plus admin menu, but they are on the Legacy interface on the Main Options -> Fonts & Custom tab, with the settings near the bottom.

    Click the ? for the help section. I think to self host Google fonts, you would need to enter your own custom <link> value using your site instead of Google’s. The CSS specification for each font should be the same as before – it is the link you have to get right.

    And I don’t know the details of putting the font files on your own host – but I assume you have that info from other sources.

    In the eyes of German law, Google fonts might be served from the US, but technically, that is unlikely in fact. Like most services that provide “caching” like Cloudflare, Google must actually be serving the actual font definitions from “local” servers located all over the world. Too much data worldwide to work only from US servers. But if they’ve done things most efficiently, a visitor to a German site from the US would likely get the fonts served from a US server, while a visitor from the EU would get the fonts from an EU based server. Sort of a funny law.

    And I also don’t like the EU cookie law that has forced most commercial worldwide sites, even US sites, to interrupt the whole web experience with the “We use cookies” dialog that most sites these days are being forced to used worldwide. It is really annoying to have to go through that process all the time now. It is overreach, and really doesn’t solve any real privacy issues in practice.

    But I hope you can get the self-hosted fonts to work okay.



    For self hosting your google fonts you might want to take a look at google-webfonts-helper[dot]herokuapp[dot]com/fonts.

    After selecting one or multiple fonts this helper provides you with the CSS and font files you need. Clear explanation on how to implement (CSS) and install (files).

    another European user

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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