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    I am using Weaver Xtreme on my WooCommerce site. I found a plugin I wanted to use but it requires that I also add the Redux Framework (wordpress.org/plugins/redux-framework).  This makes me nervous.

    Since I don’t have a dev site, any thoughts before I try it out as to how stupid this might be from the standpoint of performance or of breaking weaver functionality before I start experimenting with adding Redux?

    Between WooCommerce, JetPack, and Redux, I feel like things might be getting pretty complicated under the hood and could lead to unforeseen issues.  However, I did not see any posts regarding Redux in the forums, so maybe that is a good sign?

    Basically just wondering if there are any folks out there that have both the Redux Framework and Weaver Xtreme installed already that might be able to give their two cents.

    (am on latest versions of everything)




    It isn’t the best practice to experiment on you live site if it is active and getting visits.

    It is close to trivial to create a development site as a subdomain of your main site (e.g., dev.example.com for a main site called example.com).

    You should be able to create subdomain easily from your host control panel (e.g., cPanel), and do a fresh install of WP. There is a plugin called All-in-One WP Migration that makes it VERY easy to migrate a site to a different URL (e.g., from your existing site to the dev site, then back again after you have it working like you want).

    I have no idea what Redux does, but we have not heard of a major plugin that is incompatible with Weaver. A few plugins that mess with JavaScript have been known to sort of break Weaver, but you never lose content or settings – you just may not be able to use that plugin. That situation is very rare.

    But do spend time figuring out how to build an independent development subdomain – you will rest easier, and you will be able to be as creative as you like without the worry of breaking anything.


    Thank you for the comprehensive response.  I will create a dev site – you are right, I will rest easier. 

    Regarding Redux – it is a development framework – so my only issue is that even if it all “seems” to work fine, I am not expert enough to know if that means I am out of the woods, or if it is still a horrible idea. I am going to see what I can do to avoid it.  Again, thanks for the quick reply.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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