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    I’m using the Xtreme Plus plugin version 1.2. Is there a way to use the showhide shortcode to duplicate the action shown here: http://www.rivernorthhandcarwash.com/#services where you click on the left side and it appears on the right?

    This looks to be a vertical carousel system, probably using some JavaScript.

    Thanks, scrambler.

    How about without the rotation part? Just having it appear/disappear on the side instead of under.


    As I said this is the carousel part.

    Think of the menu as the navigation button of a slideshow, The content on the right are the slides, and the menu items are the navigation of the slideshow


    Those site navigation areas are 100% controlled by a JavaScript OR a flash script. I really can’t tell if the script is part of the theme or an add-on extra.

    Either way, this is not something one can do with Weaver, or even [show_sliders]. It is most likely a premium theme or plugin from a premium theme shop.


    Thanks, Scrambler and Weaver,

    2nd but still related question: Is it possible to use the tab group shortcode to display the tabs vertically? That would almost get it without the scrolling part. Or it is actually better in responsive terms to display horizontally?

    No the structure becomes unusable as soon as tabs do not fit on one line. Because of the way the overlay works, tabs will become hidden from view.

    But to do what you want, you can probably use Xtreme “Plus” Extra accordion menu.

    You create a new custom menu with a name like mytabs

    You create your tabs using using Custom  Links items.

    In the custom links URL you always enter #

    In the Custom Links label you enter the tab name and add them to your custom menu..

    Then you create other Custom Links items for the content of the tabs.

    You also use # for the URL, but in the Label

    You enter the HTML of the content for the tab in the label box and add them to your menu.

    Then you indent the ones representing the content, so they are Sub Menus of the Tabs menu items

    Then in your page, you insert an extra menu shortcode using your custom menu, and using the menu_style  accordion.

    [extra_menu menu_name='mytabs' menu_style='primary' menu_type='accordion']

    This will give you a slide open Vertical menu, When you click on one of the Tab menu item, it will open the submenu item that has your content as a label.

    It seem to work pretty well.


    Thanks for the creative idea Scrambler but I think it will be too hard for the end-user to maintain. We’ll see if they like the tabs on top or if I find another solution.  Thanks, anyway.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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