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    I’m using an iframe of a video as a header image replacement on the home page of : https://schaumburgtowers.com/. I haven’t been able to upgrade the Weaver Theme without losing the video. Any ideas?

    WP: 5.7.1
    Weaver theme: 4.3.9
    Xtreme Plus: 3.1.1




    First the latest version of the Xtreme Theme is 4.4.7, the Xtreme Theme Support plugin is 4.4.5 and the Plus plugin (if subscription still active) is 4.

    Once everything is up to date, the question is how are you inserting the Video header?

    There are two ways to do that in Xtreme.

    Use the Video header feature by entering the Video URL at

    Customizing ▸ Images > Header Media > Header Video

    Or Place the HTML or your iframe in The Header Image Replacement HTML area located 

    Customizing ▸ Images > Header Image Layout > Replace Header Image with HTML > Image HTML replacement box.

    Make sure the header image is not set to be hidden


    Thanks, Scrambler but updating is the problem. When I try then the video is missing.  I’m doing it through the options on the page since I only want only want it on the home page. It’s not through the customizer.  Does it need to be in order to update?


    Please be more specific and answer the questions

    What option did you use on the page editing page, is it Xtreme Plus > Header Image replacement HTML or something else?

    Is your plus plugin subscription still valid?

    You say when you update it goes away, when you update what, the theme, or the Plus plugin?
    Try updating the theme first then the plugin, OR the plugin first then the Theme.

    When you say it goes away, assuming we are speaking of the Header IMAGE replacement HTML, is the HTML still there after the update but does not show, or is the HTML gone.




    I am using the Xtreme Plus tab on the Weaver Xtreme Options for this page section. Then the Header Image Replacement HTML.

    I also have a background image specified in the Custom CSS section for the header on the home page only. This is needed because there is a second or less delay with the video starting and I didn’t want a blank screen showing.

    I update the theme to the most recent.  The theme support plugin is already most recent. When I look at the page after the update both the background picture and the video are missing like the header is not there at all.  The text below the header has been moved up.  The header has not been hidden in the options.

    The HTML is still there on the replacement line. It hasn’t been removed but it is not being followed. Same with the Custom CSS.

    I have not updated my Xtreme Plus license but am considering it. What is different in version 4? I haven’t been able to find any information about what has specifically changed. Is there a link you can send? I have looked on the Weaver site but only see information about version 3



    I looked at your first link – it goes to the home page of the site (running 4.3.9)

    I do not see a video on that page now – did you remove it.

    There is some issue with the header images, however. The page briefly pops up with what looks like an top view of the building wich is then replaced with a larger image of from ground level. I don’t think you intended to do that – maybe an extra bg image?

    Two other suggestions:

    1. Your top level menu items do not open a page. Be sure they are set to be place holder menus, and select the “Contenx Menu available” option for the “placeholder menu hover cursor” on Customizer->Style ->Menus option.
    2. Set a site icon under Customizer->General Options->Site Icon



    Hi Weaver,

    Not sure what you are seeing with the picture “from the ground level”. It’s the same picture. First probably cropped to the header specification of 300px then getting larger based on the css background. Then the video starts autoplaying. Sometimes it’s not as smooth as liked based on connection speed but if I didn’t want to space to be blank until the video starts. So if you were looking for a play button to indicate a video it’s not there. But the question still remains why the whole section vanishes on the theme upgrade?

    As for the other suggestions, the top level pages are set to be placeholders on the individual page settings. Not sure why the “Context Menu” is necessary if the submenu drops down when hovering anyway. Is that a screen reader requirement?

    Also, since I have the author’s attention, do you have a list of what’s new in the Plus version 4?




    The Video is there, but it takes a few seconds to load. When you open the page you first see the fixed image (set ass BG), then after a while, it starts animating.

    Is it possible that running the Plus version 3 with Version 4.4.7 of the theme would break the Per page Header Image replacement Area?


    If you remove the HTML of the Video in the Page Header image replacement area and just put some text, does that show up after the update?



    I can try your suggestion but am hesitant to do it during business hours since it is a production site and don’t want the owners to be freaking out (and calling) just in case they happened to see it.

    Interested, though, on Weaver’s thoughts about conflicts.



    Another thought I can check later: the other pages are also using header image replacement. I can check if they also disappear on an upgrade or is it just the video iframe.


    Having a different hover cursor indicates to the user that the menu item really doesn’t do anything if you click on it.

    There really isn’t anything new that should affect how it works. The jQuery.fn.load was fixed “after the fact” by later versions of Weaver Xtreme – it is just cleaner by fixing it in the plugin itself. I don’t really remember whit the new options were.

    = Version 4.0 =
    * Fix: use of jQuery.fn.load (deprecated)
    * Update: New features for Weaver Xtreme 4.4 (new options)
    * Update: New version of EDD License Manager
    = Version 4.0.1 =
    * Fix: Long standing issue when previewing other themes from Customizer while Weaver Xtreme Plus activated.
    = Version 4.0.2
    * Fix: PHP 8 compatibility

    “Another thought I can check later: the other pages are also using header image replacement. I can check if they also disappear on an upgrade or is it just the video iframe.”

    That would be an easy test. If they do work, then you need to clear the Header image replacement of the iframe html and try a piece of text, and if the text works.

    If the text works, create a test page, and paste the iframe HTML in text mode and see if that displays fine in the test page content.

    If it does, put the HTML back in place of the text in the page in question


    Results of tests:

    1.  Updating theme did not change the other pages with header replacements. Image tags still worked fine.
    2.  Putting text in the header replacement worked fine.
    3.  Iframe works fine if in the content section: Test page: https://schaumburgtowers.com/test-video// Copying same code to header replacement does not.
    4.  No iframes work as header replacement. Not just videos. I tried a different website (not a video) and got the same result.
    5.  The background css image was not showing because it didn’t have a height specified (not an issue before). I gave it a height which brought back the image but the video still was not there.
    6.  I compared the header-image div (in view source) before and after. In version 4.3.9 it showed the iframe code. In 4.4.7 it was blank. Is there code that checks for specific html tags because img and p work fine and deletes others?
    7.  Also tried putting the video in the Customizer as suggested before but that goofed up the other pages with replacements even though I had specified that I only wanted it on the home page.
    8.  Also tried putting the video in the header video options on the Xtreme Plus tab for the home page but that didn’t work either. Just put the url, not the iframe.
    9.  Restored site back to 4.3.9

    I can confirm that the iframe below works in the page content, but does not in a per page Header Image Replacement area

    <iframe loading="lazy" src="https://player.vimeo.com/video/323554129?autoplay=1&amp;loop=1&amp;title=0&amp;byline=0&amp;portrait=0&amp;muted=1&amp;controls=0" frameborder="0" id="fitvid3458"></iframe>

    , any idea why that iframe HTML does not work in a page Header image HTML replacement box?



    I don’t know right off, but I would at this point suspect that the method used to save/restore the setting uses (and may be required to use) WP core filtering functions that limit <iframe> code. Or it may be that Weaver’s code to write the code uses more restrictive filtering on output that restricts some elements of html in the <iframe>. I will try to look at your example soon.


    The way the code works now (and I haven’t tracked it down where), but <iframe> is not an allowed html directive in the Header HTML. I may or may not fix it as I think there might be MUCH better alternative I need to check out.

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