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    Disclosure – Born in 1939, grumpy – with technical skills in the mechanical world but a short attention span in the cyberthingy world.

    That said, here is the story:

    1. Sometime in the ’90’s, I bought the palmeter.com domain and started my purely hobby and family website for fun – no commercial use
    2. In 2011, I moved my website to WordPress
    3. Grumpiness and short attention span got me into a mess during the transition
    4. A very capable and willing IT retiree/volunteer from the WordPress Forum helped me get the website running using the Weaver theme
    5. He also was my very excellent support person for several years
    6. In recent years, I have been able to keep the site running and updated on my own
    7. I recently noticed that some of my page comments were missing
    8. I looked for Weaver support and discovered the Weaver, Weaver II, Weaver Xtreme chronology
    9. I then sought advice and tried Astra Theme with a Law Firm template and Elementor Plugin
    10. Complete disaster!
    11. I dumped Astra, Law Firm and Elementor
    12. Reverted to the original Weaver Theme
    13. Cleaned up the resulting mess reasonably well using my old familiar methods
    14. Came here for help
    15. I read, and was totally confounded by:https://guide.weavertheme.com/converting-a-weaver-ii-pro-or-aspen-site-to-weaver-xtreme/
    16. Since my site is exactly what I want in looks and maintenance methods
    17. Since I don’t need SEO pizzaz and features….
    18. ……the questions:
    19. Did anyone make it this far?
    20. What do you recommend?

    Thanks for any advice,


    You need to clarify what generation of weaver you are using, if it is the Ancient Weaver 2.x, or the OLD Weaver II

    A link to your site would help

    Regardless, you need to upgrade to the latest generation which is Weaver Xtreme, as the older generation are completely obsolete, present security risk, and could stop functioning at any time with a new WordPress version.

    If you have the Ancient weaver 2.x, you will need to redo the site on XTreme, starting with the Sub theme that is the closest to your current site. See this as the opportunity to freshen up the site to match todays standards and mobile devices.

    If you have the Old Weaver II, then you can follow the Conversion procedure detailed in the guide article you mentioned. It may appear long, but it is actually quite simple. The Article is just very detailed to hand hold you through the process.

    Which ever situation, we will be here to help through the process.



    @scrambler – the link is there. He is using very old Weaver 2.2.9.

    – you are using a VERY old version of Weaver.

    But, given the way your existing site looks, it really shouldn’t be too overwhelming to switch to the current version of Weaver Xtreme. It doesn’t look to me as if you have a lot of customizations.

    But there are a couple of issues you might face because of some WordPress limitations when switching themes.

    1. WordPress isn’t always so great at retaining Custom Menus and Sidebar settings when switching themes.
    2. All of your posts and pages will still be three, unotuched, but may look differently in a new theme.
    3. Before you switch to a Weaver Xtreme, just be sure to save your existing Weaver settings using one its save options. I frankly don’t remember the exact details of using theme, but they should still be there to save. This is a just in case good thing to do.

    But the basic structure of how Weaver Xtreme lays out sites isn’t all that different than the old old version. So, upload and switch to Weaver Xtreme. You should upload and activate the Weaver Xtreme Theme Support plugin as well. You can start with the default subtheme, or look in the options (either the old style Legacy Interface, or the newer Customizer interface). You can select one of the existing subthemes to try. The “Go Basic Traditional” may look closest to the way your site is set now.

    And you can setup the sidebars to display wherever you wish. But, you might lose the original widgets you’ve set because of the way WordPress works. (But they might still be there, too.)

    But in many ways, I think you can switch and still have the website work very closely to the way it did before.


    Sorry Had missed that.

    Agree, the site is fairly standard, so just switching to Xtreme and selecting the closest subtheme should do most of the job.

    Remember, while you test Xtreme, you are not loosing The old theme. So you can switch to Xtreme and work on the site, then switch back to old weaver until you feel you have something good in Xtreme.

    That is the benefit of WordPress, you can switch between theme and retain all your content.

    So the process would be as follow:

    • First as Weaver mentioned, save and download your weaver settings.
    • Next go to Dashboard Appearance > Theme, and search for Weaver Xtreme and install, and activate
    • Next go to Dashboard Plugins, search for Xtreme Theme support, Install and activate.
    • Next go to Appearance > Weaver Xtreme Admin > Weaver Xtreme Subtheme, and check various subtheme until you find one that is the closest to what you like.
    • Once you have decided on a Subtheme, you can start using the Main options pages to tweak the design, and ask questions here as you need.
    • As  Weaver mentioned, you may need to reorganize the sidebar widget using the new widget areas of Xtreme, and you may have to go to Appearance > menu to review your custom menu if you used one.

    If you cant do it in one go, you can save your Xtreme settings at any point in the process in the Admin Save / Restore page, as well as download a copy of all settings on your computer for good measure.
    Then you can go to Appearance > theme and Activate the old Weaver until you are ready to work some more on Xtreme.





    Thank you, Weaver and scambler, for volunteering to help me through this conversion. It is not starting well, but here we go.

    A Chapter Entitled “What I Love About Cyberthingies”

    When I installed Weaver Xtreme, a ghost version of Astra, which I had previously deleted, magically appeared on the Theme list and declared itself “Active”. For a while every time I tried to login, I got a blank page with the message shown:
    “The theme directory astra does not exist” and couldn’t login.

    I eventually pushed enough buttons so that the ghost disappeared but Astra left behind some of the crap that it originally installed and that I had previously removed. So my next task is to clean up the site again and then try to be a brave boy and plunge into the Weaver Xtreme world (why does the word Xtreme make me uncomfortable? – must be an age thing).



    I don’t see how installing one theme could bring back another one, that is beyond odd…

    If you have access to the Admin side, make sure to fully delete the Astra theme completely (deactivate, then delete)….




    I don’t know if you did this, but you should not manually delete themes or plugins via your cPanel. In more recent versions of WordPress, you delete a theme first by Activating a different theme, then click on the image of the theme and clicking the delete button/link from the WP themes menu.

    If you did delete theme files manually, you also must delete the theme directory – e.g., <WP-home-directory>/wp-content/themes/astra


    I did delete it directly from the Theme window and it dissappeared completely at the time. I assume my button pushing brought the ghost version back and made it the Active Theme again. When I hit the Details button, there was no Delete button.


    Above, The Ghost with no Delete button. I got rid of it again and it seems finally dead now, I hope.

    • “First as Weaver mentioned, save and download your weaver settings.”

    Not sure how to do this.


    I don’t remember the weaver 2.x options, but somewhere in the option page(s) there should be a section for save / restore or download settings.

    If you cant find one, just make sure your Host provider makes daily backup that you can always go back to, or download a complete Cpanel backup.

    This is just for good measure as you should not loose anything, but it is always better to be safe rather than sorry 🙂


    Found the Weaver Admin section and saved all my settings. On to the Big Boy Stuff:

    1. Installed the Weaver Xtreme Theme and
    2. Installed Weaver Xtreme Theme Support Plugin
    3. Subthemes and onward tomorrow



    The Good News – I activated Xtreme Weaver and the Home page looks the same:


    The Bad News – Every other page I looked at presents a static list of Page Names – for example:


    I would surmise that the leap from prehistoric Weaver confounded Xtreme.





    Other Good News – when I toggle back to old Weaver, everything is just like before. D


    The page full of page name is because it is using the default WordPress menu with all the pages.

    Question. Did you create your menu using a Custom Menu in Appearance > Menu?

    If you did, what may have happened is that this custom Menu is not being assigned to the primary (below header) or secondary menu (top of page).  Go to Appearance > Menu, and if your custom menu is there, select it and in the Menu Settings options at the bottom, check either Primary or Secondary depending where the menu should be, and Save Menu

    If your Custom Menu does not show up in Appearance > Menu, then you need to (re)create it by giving it a name, and selecting the various pages that should appear in the menu. Once all the menu items are as you want, Also check Primary or Secondary, and save menu


    Additional info: If I am on a page with all Page Titles, when I narrow the desktop window to iPhone size, the normal information returns.

    Not having much luck with Menu thing, gonna take a walk and think about it.



    “Additional info: If I am on a page with all Page Titles, when I narrow the desktop window to iPhone size, the normal information returns.”

    This is because when you shrink the browser, at one point it switches to the mobile layout, and so the menu is collapse under the hamburger menu.

    If you click on the hamburger menu, you will most likely see a long list of page names…

    If you go to Appearance > menus, do you have any menu listed there and showing a list of menu items?

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