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    i clicked to update my theme and now my site is completely different.

    How do i undo.  roll back this update?

    ANd more to the point, why does an update completely change my site design????



    Normally, this never happens – assuming you are using the standard WordPress update process, and that you updated from a recent version of Weaver Xtreme.

    There has not been a new release of Weaver Xtreme for at least several weeks, if not more.

    Normally, the update process does not change any of the theme settings in the database. If you switched to a different theme in between, sometimes your widgets may get lost – it happens for really unknown reasons.

    But we certainly would need a link to your site to see what might be going on, as well as at least a hint of what you mean by completely changed.

    But the only suggestion we can make is to:

    1. Switch to one of the standard WordPress themes such as TwentyNineteen – just temporarily.
    2. Completely delete the version of Weaver Xtreme that is loaded for your site.
    3. Re-install Weaver Xtreme from the WordPress repository.
    4. Swtich back to Weaver Xtreme.

    If that doesn’t help, you may have to contact your hosting company to see if you can get your site restored to how it was before.



    well, apparently, when i updated the Weaver theme, i lost the customizations applied to it. And i should be using a child theme or those will get lost. I downloaded the weaver child theme, but now, i have no idea how to get my customizations applied to that child theme. I already, for instance, have smart slider 3 set up in my header area for the parent theme, but i need to move it to the child theme, now, and can’t figure out how.

    I will contact my web host and see if they can help, but that will just put it all back to the parent theme, and apparently, that means i can NEVER update Weaver, unless I know how to get everything set on a child theme. I can’t possibly be the only one who has had this issue. It’s not unusual to customize. I just don’t understand why a needed update negates all the customizations. this is just terrible for me. It’s going to suck away time i need to handle all kinds of other things, and i have promotions running right now and my site is screwed. I keep hoping there is some easier way to fix it.is it just Weaver that does this on updates? And if so, is there another theme that won’t do this when i update?



    I really don’t understand what you are saying.

    If you were using  a child theme, then someone developed it. You said you downloaded the child theme. From where did you you download the child theme. It is always up to the developer to confirm that it is still compatible with the parent. If it was some time between versions of Weaver Xtreme and the child theme, there is a chance there might be some subtle incompatibility. This is very uncommon, however, and would involve having a child that made very involved overrides of the original theme.

    I think your best option would be to work with whoever wrote the child theme you are working with. It really is the responsibility of the author of a child theme to figure out compatibility issues.

    I do get the impression from some of your descriptions that you don’t fully understand how a child theme interacts with the parent theme.

    The fact is, it is very very uncommon to need to use a child theme with Weaver Xtreme at all. And I can remember only one instance of someone’s child theme being broken by a new version of Weaver Xtreme, and that was with a major change to some Weaver Xtreme features, and was trivial to fix.

    It also remains true that you simply have not provided enough information for us to really help you get your site working again. At the very least, we would need a link to your site – working properly or not, plus a thorough, itemized description of what is wrong – what is being displayed or not displayed. And telling us what the old version of Weaver Xtreme you were using would help, too.

    I really need much more specific information about your site, and how the child theme was developed. I would certainly help if we had a copy of the child theme to see for ourselves what it trying to do.

    It is possible that if i had a full copy of the child theme, I might be able to determine where the issue is, but it would be the responsibility of the child theme’s author to fix the problem.

    And please note that I will not be available to really work on this until next Friday at the earliest as I will be away from the internet and my development system.



    well, apparently, when i updated the Weaver theme, i lost the customizations applied to it. And i should be using a child theme or those will get lost

    All the setting you do using the theme options, including any custom CSS is saved with the theme and will survide any theme update.

    If you lost your setting something else happened, like if you selected a different subtheme, as this will wipe all your settings and replace them by the sub theme.

    If as (you should) You saved your settings in the save restore page, you should be able to restore them using its restore options.

    If  (as you should) you had downloaded a copy of all your settings, you can also restore these.

    There is no such thing as “a Weaver Child theme” there is an example with the theme that is pretty much empty and just provide as an example.

    the only reason for a child them is to do advanced PHP changes, not styling and custom cSS



    The site is http://kellijaebaeli.com

    What changed, as i recall, was the slider used on the header, the menu was doubled, the background colors were all different, the layout was slightly changed…things like that.

    Yes i have backups, and yes, i restored my site, but that doesn’t address any future issues when there are updates. I downloaded the weaver child theme, hoping it would BE COMPATIBLE with Weaver. Here is the link to that “nonexistent” Weaver Child theme: https://childthemegenerator.com/weaver-xtreme-child-theme-download/

    I was hoping to use it for my tweaks, as stated, but it actually replaced the parent theme, so i had to restore my site again from backups and just leave it.

    And no, i don’t understand a lot about how it all works. It’s not my forte. I’m an Indie author and publisher doing the work of 10 people, so i can’t possibly learn everything, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day. That’s why I’m posting.

    No matter what you say, when i updated Weaver Xtreme theme, my website looked  completely different. The info about using a child theme to avoid these reversions back to the original theme settings (sans the customizations) was gotten elsewhere online, through the only locations i could find that mention it. I am not the only one having this problem. Apparently, according to the specialists at my hosting company, this is quite common. I was told that yes, i should make all my customizations to the child theme, so that updates to the parent theme would not revert, and lose my tweaks.

    The fact is, my customizations did NOT SURVIVE the update, no matter what you say. It simply did not. I did not use a different subtheme.

    So apparently, there is something crucial i DO need to understand about how this works. If you say that updates should not screw up my site, then i need to know why it screwed up after the update. And I’d like to find out how to keep my changes in the Weaver theme environment.



    The site you linked in your last post is NOT using any child theme – it is using the standard Weaver Xtreme theme.

    The “child” theme in the link you provided is simply a blank template that gives you a place to start build your own customizations. This would mean adding modified PHP code, which is a complex operaion that requires programming experience. So:

    1. You are NOT using a child theme now.
    2. Your site you have in the link is using a VERY old version of Weaver Xtreme.
    3. If you did have a child theme with PHP custom code, and then redownloaded the child theme, then you would have wiped out your changes.
    4. I don’t know what is going on with your menus. The theme is displaying the custom menu you’ve defined and specified. Double check how the defined menu is defined.

    So, if you did have a defined child theme, then perhaps that is what got lost in the update.

    I would create a copy of the current version of Weaver Xtreme you are using, and then update to the newest version. If you do nothing else, then your site should look just the same as it does now – if you don’t change anything else. Then you can likely figure out the issue of the menus.

    It is late Monday night for me, and I will not be available to provide additional advice until Friday at the earliest.



    https://childthemegenerator.com has nothing to do with Wever Xtreme, so as stated by weaver, unless you needs Advanced PHP changes this is of no use to you.

    All your customization should be done with the Xtreme options and eventually Custom CSS placed in the theme Global Custom CSS Rule box.

    If you have restored the site to t correct aspect. go to the save restore page and click Save to save ALL theme settings in the database. Also use the download option to download a copy of all your settings to your computer.

    Then update the theme to its latest version, and make sure to also update the Xtreme Theme Support plugin to its latest version, as well as the Xtreme “Plus” plugin if you have purchased and are using that.

    Update do not loose settings, so it is hard to know what may have happened, but you should not have issue in the future with Weaver Theme and plugin update. That said, and in order to always have a recovery option if some unknown operation causes a problem, download the latest set of settings, so that if a problem did occur, you could reload them after the issue arises.

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