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    I thought I upgraded all my blogs from Weaver II Pro to Weaver XTreme some time ago, but I see I only did one of them. I cloned that site. Now before I start to work on the others, can I use the same clone, or do I have to create a new one for each one. If I can reuse the old one, do I have to delete all of that site’s data (and if so, how?), or will importing (with All in One WP Migration) overwrite whatever is there? Thanks.


    I am not following.

    The clone of the first site has the data / page & posts structure of the first site, you cant use that for the new site as I doubt they have the same pages posts and style.

    If you meant can you use the styling settings that you created on the cloned site, it depends if the other sites you are trying to convert have the exact same design as the one you did convert.

    You can always save settings on one site and upload them on a different site, but that will just change the styling, not account for any page/post editing page options.

    SO unless all your sites are the same, I don’t see how you could use one for the others.



    Slowly but surely getting to the upgrades. The instructions say to get the Weaver II to Weaver Xtreme plugin, which is apparently different from Weaver Xtreme Theme Support. It’s supposed to be on the Weaver downloads page, but I don’t see it when I follow the link in the instructions.

    BTW, when I used the All in One WP migration plugin, the import to the clone overwrote everything there, so it looks like I didn’t have to make a new site. It looks like I can just finish one blog, then importing from the next to the same place will wipe everything clean.


    @weaver, What happened to the Weaver II to Xtreme conversion plugin. it is indeed gone from the download page!

    Current Versions



    It is available on the WordPress plugin repository: https://wordpress.org/plugins/weaver-ii-to-weaver-xtreme/


    @weaver, Are you going to put it back on the Weaver page or not?

    Because if not, then I need to update the Conversion Guide Article with the proper link


    Thanks. I have it now.

    Kimberly A Hays


    I am in the middle of transitioning my website from Weaver II Pro to Weaver Extreme, and when I got to that part of your conversion guide article, I looked everywhere on the page your article linked to and I could not find where that plugin was. I knew I needed it because of your article.

    I finally Googled “Weaver II Pro to Weaver Extreme” and found this…https://wordpress.org/plugins/weaver-ii-to-weaver-xtreme/.

    I was a little frustrated because I spent so much time looking for the plugin because you said:“This plugin is NOT available from WordPress.org, but must be downloaded directly from the Weaver Xtreme Download Page.

    I just happened to be reading this forum when I saw your response. I felt much better knowing that you had no idea the plugin had been moved.

    I very much appreciate how you have made transitioning to Weaver Xtreme so easy. When I first looked at transitioning, it was too complicated so I have stayed with Weaver II Pro. I finally decided to try it again, and I have been pleasantly surprised at how you have made transitioning so much user-friendly.

    Thanks so much for your very useful article and for the work you guys put into simplifying the transition process.

    Best – Kim Hays
    webmaster, http://www.twmrc.org




    You are welcome, and I updated the guide to reflect the change.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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