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    PHP 7 is no longer supported, and Weaver II Pro is not compatible with v.8.1

    If I upgrade to Weaver Xtreme Plus (using the plugins suggested to help with that) are there any issues in the transition (e.g. leftover elements of the old theme) that will cause the site to crash when the server upgrades to PHP 8.1? Anything I should be looking out for? Currently, if I switch to 8.1, the site will not load, so I have set it back to 7.4 temporarily.


    Just to clarify, Weaver Xterme Plus is not a theme.

    The theme is Weaver Xtreme , it is free and requires to also install the Xtreme Theme Support plugin for full functionality.

    Then there is an Xtreme PLUS plugin that you have to buy a license for and that you can install if you have a need for the extra options it contains.

    There is a conversion process from Weaver II Pro to WEaver Xtreme detailed here

    Converting a Weaver II (Pro) or Aspen site to Weaver Xtreme – Weaver Xtreme Guide (weavertheme.com)

    That said, and depending on how heavily customized your site was, instead of going through the conversion process, you could simply Activate free Weaver Xtreme Theme and Xtreme theme support plugin, choose the subtheme that is closest to the style you want and then tweak it. That will give you an opportunity to refresh your site to more current standard.

    We will be here to help if you need some customizing the site.

    If you decide it is too much work to tweak, then you can always decide to go through the actual conversion process.

    Regardless of the above, while you are working on Xtreme, you can always revert back to weaver II pro temporarily and until you are done with finalizing the style on Xtreme.

    Once the Xtreme transition is complete, you can review the options added by the Xtreme Plus plugin, and decide to buy a license.



    If using widgets, make a text file to hold all widget codes as you may need to recreate them.  I am not remembering the Weaver Pro II options, but anything in custom defined CSS boxes should also be saved to a text file with notes as to where they apply.  Just saying … years ago … some details did not move over.  Also make sure your header images are saved off and handy to upload again.  Other library items were fine.  All worked out with only a bit of tweaking.

    If accustomed to pages of options in Weaver II Pro, you may wish to turn off the customizer in Weaver Xtreme (Advanced Options -Admin Options).  Options laid out on pages will be more familiar to you than fiddly customizer menus.   Weaver Xtreme Plus is not needed for the rollover, but is reasonably priced and very useful if you like those extras.


    Thanks for the feedback! This is very helpful.

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