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    I’ve been reading on the forum and have found a couple posts that sound very familiar… I, too, have used and enjoyed the Weaver 2010 theme for years, but have recently been having issues and know it’s past time for an upgrade. I would like to move from Weaver 2010 to Weaver Xtreme and would like to keep as much of the appearance of our website the same.

    I am running WordPress 6.5.4. I have activated the Weaver Xtreme Theme Support plugin. I have saved the current theme version/settings under the Save/Restore Themes tab. I tried activating Weaver Xtreme, but I couldn’t seem to find a way to open or activate the saved file, so I was going to have to start from scratch making changes…

    My question is: do you have any tips about how to keep the appearance I currently have while updating the theme? Thank you so much for your help!

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    OK, here’s the deal.

    Weaver 2010 is extremely out of date, and is not supported at all.

    Weaver II is also outdated and does not work with current WordPress versions.

    There is a process that allows Weaver II to be converted to Weaver Xtreme (the latest version of Weaver), and Weaver II still has the Wheat theme you used as the basis for your site.

    But that extra step from 2010 to II is really not available to general users.

    So, I’m sending you as .zip file to your  xxx629xxx email address that has a WeaverXtreme converted version of the Wheat theme. You should be able to use that as a starting point.

    So, the steps that should get you very close to your existing site:

    1. Extract the Wheat zip file on your computer.
    2. Download Weaver Xtreme from WordPress Theme repository.
    3. Activate.
    4. Download and activate the Weaver Xtreme theme support plugin from WP.
    5. From your site Dashboard -> Appearance -> Weaver Xtreme Admin -> Save/Restore tab, select the Wheat .wxt  unzipped file I will email.
    6. That should get your site nearly back to original. You may have to fiddle with the background image in the settings, but I think the menus should work, although, again, you might have to re-select them from the Dashboard options to use your existing menus. Most plugins, etc. should still work.

    You should also install and use the Classic Editor and Classic Widgets plugins.

    Be sure to update all your plugins as well, although some of them might not work anymore either.



    Thank you SO much, sir! I can hardly wait to give this a try! Your help is very much appreciated!

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