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    Hi Weaver Team,
    Help Please!
    I’m still using Weaver II Pro.  It is WAY past time to upgrade.  Do I upgrade to Xtreme? Absolute? Or something else? Are there any experts here who would be willing to look at my site and give me some insight? I’m just not sure where to go from here – the best upgrade path for my needs, now and going forward.

    I need to upgrade, and I think perhaps, I would like to hire someone to do it for me. I built this site myself, and I have been busy otherwhere and not kept up with advances in technology. I just don’t feel I have the time for the learning curve to update. Although after it is updated to a current theme, I do want to maintain it myself.
    I’m looking for insight as to best upgrade path for me, and a pricing / time quote for a Weaver expert to do it for me.  Recommendations Please.

    Website is:  bioenergeticcoaching.com

    And yes, I know, I have to upgrade EVERYTHING on this site. I have sort of been MIA on it for awhile. Now, it is time to actively start posting on a regular basis.  I figure that Weaver Pro is so outdated, that it may not even update to the new versions of WP and PHP. And I don’t want to mess up the site.

    Looking forward to connecting with someone who can offer some guidance.


    You don’t seem to have anything special on your site  so Upgrading to Xtreme should be fairly straightforward.

    Below is a detail step by step to do that


    You should definitely first update everything so you are on the latest version of WP, themes and plugins.

    Then once you are done, we can work with you to finalize any customization you may need. You may want to revisit some of the site design based on new features like Full width design explained in the article below



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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