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    Just a note to say for me at least, it has been a very easy and positive process to update sites from 4.4.8 to 5.0.6, I have completed a few updates and have a few more to go.

    I did wait a little before attempting any updates as I could see from the forum there were a few little hiccups at first, @weaver certainly sorted those niggles quickly.

    Observations so far are that the only thing I have needed to do after the update is change the alignment option for menus to ‘align full, items centre’. This obviously being due to the fact they were previously just centre aligned and using the old background colour extend option. This change has been of so little consequence it’s certainly no issue at all.

    The only problem I have encountered is on one site that used the extra menu shortcode to place the main navigation in the header fixed area (this site build is going back to before fixed to top on scroll etc). I found that the menu align options of ‘align full, items centre’ or ‘align wide, items centre’ don’t quite work as expected. Instead I got a full or wide menu background but with items aligned to the left, despite trying other options, they are always on the left. No big problem, I have removed the menu shortcode and changed over to standard nav with fixed to top on scroll.

    With a big theme update some problems are to be expected, but overall it has been plain sailing for me.

    Thanks @weaver and @scrambler for all your hard work.


    Thanks for reporting, we will have a look at the extra menu full & Wide align options


    @weaver, thesurge appears to be right, the alignfull/wide options do not work properly with the extra menu shortcode. 

    Here are the results from the align options selected in the primary menu style when applied to an Extra menu

    • Alignfull items right or center results in alignfull items left
    • AlignWide items right or center results in alignWidew items left

    Basically, it seems the Extra menu are not getting anything else than Items left for alignfull and alignwide


    Very smooth process on my side too. No issues at all. For the little note, I only have a simple blog with no special coding.


    @thesurge, @scrambler – Extra menus were never designed to duplicate the primary or secondary menus. They were mostly designed for use in sidebars or perhaps in a post. I’ve never added any of the attributes for the primary or secondary menus for extra menus, nor tested how they work. I don’t think I will visit this situation.


    Too bad, May be you can put it on the list for next time you update the Plus plugin.

    In the meantime @ealvarez, using the class wvrx-fullwidth to extend the BG full width, or the class wvrx-expand-full to make the whole menu full width does work with the Extra Menu shortcode 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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