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    I updated to JetPack version 4.0 this morning and soon after found that two of my sites threw a 500 error on the public side – only Chrome told me it was a 500 error, Firefox and Edge just gave the WSOD with no explanation.  The page source was totally empty when the sites were viewed with all 3 browsers.  I was still able to access the admin side of both sites.

    Deactivating JetPack resuscitated the sites,  Interestingly, three other sites with version 4.0 of JetPack are okay (so far, anyway).  I suspect interaction with some plugin that is not common across all my sites, but with a number of people already experiencing the issue I’m just going to leave JetPack deactivated for now and wait for a fix.

    This is the thread on the JetPack support forum about the issue:


    Thanks for the heads up!


    Version 4.0.2 has now been released which fixes the issue.  The bug seemed to be related to the Publicize module of JetPack and I think I only had that module active on the two problem sites. Anyway, all is now well again 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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