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    The the w2b file has been created using the theme: weaver-ii-limited-updater (21 kb)

    The link in the topic ‘Weaver II (including Pro) Limited Updater for WP 6.3‘ does not work, but can be found in another topic. The link has been updated – moderator.
    However when using the Weaver II to Weaver Xtreme converter plugin, nothing is being converted.
    The result is a small file of 325 bytes and the converter says 0 values have been converted. What am I doing wrong?

    Love to have the website updated to the Extreme version.

    Kind regards,



    The conversion is working as expected on more than one test site. Be sure you follow the full set of steps.

    1. Create a .w2b or .w2t file from the Weaver II Admin -> Save/Restore and download it.

    2. Open the Weaver Converter plugin from the Dashboard Settings file.

    3. Upload and Convert a Weaver II settings file from your computer. Select the file created in step 1.

    You should see the conversion report after doing that. It might end up being helpful if you could copy the report and past into a reply to this thread.

    4. Then download the conversion:

    Save Conversion РDownload converted settings to your computer  Save as: weaver-ii-theme-settings-2023-08-18-1812.wxt

    for example.

    5. Upload the .wxt file. That should do it.

    If the conversion step does not produce a report with any info, the I would suggest that you create a .zip file of the .w2b or .w2t file, and e-mail that file to [email protected]. I’ll have a look.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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