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    Updating to 4.4 really messed up my website. Then, I noticed that the Extreme Plus license had been deactivated somehow. I reactivated that, then tried to update the plugin. That was about 22 minutes ago…the update icon is still swirling.


    Don’t know why the Xtreme Plus in not uploading – perhaps our license server is having issues, although it is the same server as the forum.

    We tested Weaver Xtreme 4.4 on many sites, including this one had haven’t had issues, but others are.

    You can get the 4.3.9 version of Weaver Xtreme here:  https://weavertheme.com/archive-downloads/

    Download it, then use the Appearance -> Themes menu to upload new theme, and use it to replace 4.4.

    We will hopefully be able to get access to a site with issues and find the issue.


    Thank you. I did that, and my menus and header are still broken.



    Did you have the Woocommerce plugin?

    If so, a bug was found and will be fixed shortly in a new version of 4.4.

    In the mean time, Download a copy of all your settings for good measure.

    Then delete Weaver Xtreme Theme and weaver plugins

    Then reinstalled your downloaded version of 4.3.9 and see if things look OK.

    If they do reinstall weaver plugins too

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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