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    I’m having some trouble getting all the images in the carousel to display with equal heights.   I have used the Simple Image Sizes plugin to define a custom image size of 640px by 480px for the images I wish to use in the carousel.   I have then used this custom image size to create a gallery for the carousel using the procedure provided with the Weaver Post Slider plugin.

    When I separately view the Weaver Slider Post gallery, all of the images appear to be completely uniform in width and height as a consequence of the Simple Image Sizes custom image size.   However, when I use the Weaver Show Sliders plugin (V1.2.6) and select the carousel option, this same gallery then displays some of the images with less height than I want.  Interestingly enough, if I use the slider display option (instead of the carousel), the images appear to have uniform heights.  

    I’m trying to create a 3-image carousel with each image 200 px wide and 150 px high so as to preserve the 4:3 aspect ratio.

    I’ve tried tweaking all the various settings/parameters associated with the plugin, but to no avail in getting uniform height amongst all the images in the gallery using the carousel.    A handful of the 31 images I wish to include in the carousel seem to be misbehaving in regard to height (and are not as tall as they should be).

    Perhaps I’m overlooking some obvious carousel setting, but any help you can offer is greatly appreciated.

    You can see the problem I’m having with the carousel image height at:  http://belleville-nj.org/weaver-slider-test-page/

    Your page opens blank so I can check it, But if the images in the carousel are different sizes, then there it is likely the images being used are.
    What I dont understand is why are you messing with a plugin, instead of simply creating all your images at the same size with any image editor, and uploading perfectly sized images in your wordpress library. This is one sure way to control the size 100%.
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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