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    Hi Folks,

    I have just added a line to my Xtreme theme-child child.css to underline links in post text:

    ‘.entry-content a { text-decoration-line: underline; text-decoration-color: #d9d9d9; }’

    See sample page:  https://www.hiskingdomprophecy.com/christian-accountability/

    However, now I find the underlining works only with the Firefox browser.

    From my testing, the underlining, as coded above, does not seem to work on Google Chrome, Opera, Explorer, Torch, Brave, SeaMonkey, Microsoft Edge or Tor.

    I was wondering if this is normal, or if there is another method of underlining links which is more widely accepted by the available browsers?

    The fact is, Firefox only make up 2.82% of our site users (Safari is most used, but I can’t test it), which makes the change rather irrelevant to most users   🙂

    Regards and thanks,



    I see the underline in both edge and chrome, so not sure why you are not seeing them. You may want to clear all your caches.

    Note your color makes the line very hard to see, you may want to validate with a bold color to be sure.

    Finally you can try adding !important (with a space as below)

    .entry-content a { text-decoration-line: underline !important; text-decoration-color: #d9d9d9 !important;}

    Also, FYI, there is no need for a child theme for Custom CSS. All Custom CSS can be placed in the Theme Global Custom CSS Rule box and will be saved with all settings and survive updates.




    Thank you so much.

    Yes, I was not patient enough!  It seems and it took about 24hrs before some my browsers rendered as expected, even after cache clearing.

    Regarding the color – yes, it was a tad light so have darkened it a shade to #cccccc.  Thanks for that suggestion.  Since the font & underline appearance renders slightly differently on different browsers at different zoom settings, I still have fine-tuning to do there.

    On the location of the CSS code, I use the Child Theme because I have some other core modifications there, and find it convenient to have them all in one location.  But your point is well taken regarding the Theme Global Custom CSS Rule box.

    Regards and thanks,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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