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    I recently purchased the Weaver Xtreme Plus theme (5 site license) after developing a website using your Aspen Theme.    I found the Aspen theme extremely useful and thought the least I could in gratitude was to purchase your Xtreme Plus theme.   Rather than try to import the Aspen generated site directly into Xtreme, I wanted to recreate/rebuild the site from scratch while using Xtreme.    While almost everything is going well and according to plan, alas I’m now running into an issue in regard to the use of the Ubermenu Megamenu plugin and a 2nd vertical menu appearing on the left side of the homepage.  This vertical menu appears via the Ubermenu widget in the primary sidebar.  In particular, the submenus generated by the vertical menu are being hidden by the middle content area with the latter area containing posts.   I realize that this is likely a overflow:hidden complication but despite reading through the forum and trying several CSS solutions, I cannot get the submenus associated with the vertical menu to fully appear.

    The main (horizontal) menu, which is also a Ubermenu megamenu, is working properly.

    The site in question is a development/staging site (using Xtreme Plus) located at:   http://www.belleville-nj.org

    You can see how the associated (Aspen theme) vertical menu functionality correctly works at:  http://www.bellevillenj.org

    Thank you in advance for any help you can offer with this matter.


    this is indeed because widget area and widget have overflow:hidden by default.

    Change that on the primary widget area by adding the rule below in Main options > Sidebar & Layout > Primary widget Area > Peimaery widget Area BG CSS+ box



    Thank you for both the great help and a great theme!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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