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    For the table WP_OPTIONS should I turn off autoload on Weaver Xtreme backup or Xtreme Plus options?
    and in WP_OPTIONS, which ones are needed for Weaver Xtreme and Plus specifically.  or where would I find that data?

    Thank you






    The normal Weaver Xtreme options (‘weaverx_settings’) and the Weaver Xtreme Plus options (‘weaverxplus_settings’) should be autoload as they are used dynamically when generating any Weaver Xtreme page.

    Both sets of settings are in a single saved array (one for each set), and each entire array must be loaded. For most options, if the option is unused, it does not create an entry in the array. However, some options do create array entries no matter what, and there is no avoiding that. Any overhead of loading such values would not be measurable. And some options are not used during page generation but are used to generate the .css file. But many options are used dynamically during page generation, and it would not be practical to separate them in the options saved in wp_options.

    On the other hand, the backup settings (‘weaverx_settings_backup’) are only used when restoring the backup, so no need for autoload.

    But when compared to loading even a small image, and the number of other options required to generate any page, any overhead from loading wp_options is insignificant.

    I’ve never gotten deep into how caching plugins work, but I would think that they would be able to bypass loading of many wp_options, and perhaps not using autoload when also caching might be helpful, as most pages are not then totally dynamically loaded. But I’m not sure. And note that anything to do with loading and using wp_options is completely server side, so upgrading the server performance (cpu and/or storage) might be a more useful approach to speeding things up rather than trying to tweak things like DB autoload.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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