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    Hello – 

     – after updating to 1.1 I have some serious truble with my layout: http://wp2.strafverteidiger-cuxhaven.de/
    1. The blue box (background of current page item) disappears when hovering over the item. It is because the background-color changes to fff. In the earlier version I just deleted the background color of menu items hover and the background stayed visible. When I now delete the color entry the background changes to black when hovering over it. … why? where ist this color defined? I do not want any color – everything is transparent and the page background is white? Wher does the black menu-bar come from?
    2. The space between the menu-items an the blue status box was depending on the line-height of the main-menu. “#menu-mainmenu {line-hight:70px;}” Now changing the line-height leads to nothing.
    3. Is there a way to undo the update, if no other solution to 1. and 2. can be found? Or ist the only way to restore my backups?
    4. Where can I find this newerly brakepoint for switching to mobile menus? 
    Thank you!
    5. (Edit) Does the google font importer meanwhile work. When I checked it last, it only imported 2 font-weights (400 and 700). The other ones were ignored. So I had to include “@import url(http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Roboto+Condensed:400,300,300italic,400italic,700,700italic);”

    1- If you do not want any color you need to type    transparent    in the color box.   Some boxes have default some don’t, this is the only way to be sure.

    2- I don’t understand, can you elaborate.

    3- undoing the update is easy (just install the prvious version, but not a solution as sooner or later you will need to update. There are solution for any issues, we just need to work them out with you. Have a little patience 🙂

    4- The threshold for the menu is towards the bottom of each menu bar option set. But beware for now it is only to make it smaller not bigger. So you can make the mobile menu appear at a narrower screen or never if you put zero, you cannot make it happens for larger screen than the default 768.

    5- I have no idea, as far as I knew the Plus Google fonts works fine. You may want to open a separate thread with specific details if you have a problem with it


    Hey scrambler – thank you for answering!

    1. 🙂 thank you!
    2. The blue box (.current_page_item {background-image …) crashes with the Menu-Text. See: http://wp2.strafverteidiger-cuxhaven.de
    In a former version it didn’t. See: http://wp.strafverteidiger-cuxhaven.de/
    I could simply change the line-height of “#menu-mainmenu {line-hight:70px;}” in custom css. The crash appears after the update. Now changing the line-height in custom css changes nothing.

    3. I know. I be patient I promise. 😉

    4. I check this – great to see that something like that is back!

    5. I tried about 10 times to include (family=Roboto+Condensed:400,300,300italic,400italic,700,700italic) via the importer and never got the 300. I meanwhile load with custom css and it works. I will start a new Topic as soon as I find the time.

    … btw: I can only include pictures here via url … right?

    Thank you
    To 2:

    The right version was achieved by custom css line: #menu-mainmenu {line-hight:70px;} … just that easy.
    And btw: The Version http://wp.strafverteidiger-cuxhaven.de/ shows you how smooth and perfect working the transition to the mobile-menu could be. 

    2- How are you creating your current page small rectangle?

    Also you have an option box in Main options > Menus > Primary menu bar >  Desktop Menu Vertical padding box where you can put a value like 2 to make the menu bar higher.

    5- Are you adding the google font using the method described in the fonts & custom page

    1. Google Fonts: Go to Google Web Fonts site to select a font (including desired style options). Open the font’s Quick-use page.
      Other Font Sources: See Weaver Xtreme Plus Help document
    2. Google Fonts: Paste Quick-use #3 <link> code here:
      Other Font Sources: Paste appropriate <link> code here:
      <textarea name="weaverx_settings[font_google_link]" class="wvrx-edit" style="width: 85%;" placeholder=" or font source” rows=”1″><link> or <script> font source
    3. Google Fonts: Paste Quick-use #4 CSS font-family: code here:
      Other Font Sources: Paste font’s CSS font-family: code here: 

    Yes, you can only add picture in the forum with a url


    The way to do what you want with the menu is definitely to put a value in Main options > Menus > Primary menu bar >  Desktop Menu Vertical padding box , with a value like 2 to make the menu bar higher.

    That will add the space you need above an below menu items.

    If you only wanted to add space above the menu item, you could use the rule below instead of using the option box

    .is-desktop .menu-primary .wvrx-menu a {padding-top:2em;}


    2. its .current_page_item {background-image …

    Yes I can do it with the new custom css-rule. Don’t know why the selector had to be changed, but ok – if it works it works.

    Still the menu is jumping arround like crazy. If you klick at an item it jumps up then to the right then down until it stands still. In my former version everything worked correct (switching pages and switching to mobile). http://wp.strafverteidiger-cuxhaven.de/
    May be someone could tell me, why in a higher version things are worse.
    I will check importing the google fonts once more tomorrow. I did everything like it was written down. If I didn’t there would be no reason why only the 300 weight didn’t import. 

    It’s a litte hard to deliver a system, where the menu is totally fucked up. But unfortunately we’ve gone to far to stop this all.


    The jumping is only on slow systems, may be because of the javascript processing of the is-desktop class

    Instead of using

    .is-desktop .menu-primary .wvrx-menu a {padding-top:30px; padding-bottom:20px;}

    Try using the rule below that uses a strict @media rule

    @media only screen and (min-width:768px) {
    .menu-primary .wvrx-menu a {padding-top:30px;padding-bottom:20px;}


    It looks like you may even be able to avoid the @media rule by using the modified rule below

    .menu-primary .wvrx-menu.menu-hover a {padding-top:30px;padding-bottom:20px;}

    Do test however

    FYI the line-height rule on the same selector would also work by the way. But selectors will always change between themes as they are intimately dependent on the structure which does change…


    Ok – thank you very much. I didn’t know that updating a theme means changing the theme. But – yes, makes sense.

    It is quite cool to use it as an @media rule, I can then include the background-image to avoid seeing it in the mobile menu. 

    Right now, I am at the point where I was before the update. Will be more carefull and prepared next time.
    Thank you!


    I need to clarify…

    The structure should rarely change between versions of the same theme, I was mentioning selectors changing between Aspen and Xtreme.

    Your rule

    #menu-mainmenu {line-height:60px;}

    should in fact have been

    #menu-mainmenu a {line-height:60px;}

    It actually worked as is because there was a useless rule in the previous version that was removed, but it just happens that useless rules is what made your incomplete rule work 🙂

    So the fact your custom CSS stopped working between version is an unusual and very rare case. In general, Custom CSS should survive version changes, unless the new version does makes drastic changes to the structure (which is rare and normally advertised).

    So you reaction to that rule stopping to work was somewhat justified.

    And Yes, you can put as many rules in a single @media rule as you want.


    One of the major refinements for 1.1 was significant tweaking of the Menus to improve the speed. This was mostly done by changing from .is-desktop rules to using @media rules. In the process, we also tried to eliminate some rules that really had no function, or even some negative function in some cases.

    We tried to keep everything compatible, but with so many interacting rules, it really isn’t possible to test all combinations out there – especially when a rule just happened to make an incorrect or incomplete custom rule work.

    There were also some changes needed to make the existing Weaver Xtreme menus to remain compatible with the upcoming new SmartMenus support included in the next release of Weaver Xtreme Plus. All of our existing test cases, including the somewhat complex demo menus on the demo site have continued to work correctly – and the old menus also continue work when switch to SmartMenus.

    So I apologize this one rule change broke you custom menu.



    Google Fonts:

    I would call this a documentation error.

    The default set of fonts does not include every font style for the font – a default set that should meet most people’s needs was chosen, but this should be documented. (note this is also a moving target as some fonts get updated with new styles over time.) If you need a complete set of styles for a particular font, you don’t need to use an @link, but rather use the standard procedure for importing any Google font, but chose all the different styles from the Quick Use Google Fonts page.

    And it is not all that easy to use all the possible font styles for all fonts – especially those with different weights which is not very well supported by the WP content editor. Generally, the “normal” styles were included – normal and italic; and the “normal” named weights: normal (400) and bold (700).

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