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    Just completed http://onlinetravel.co.zaused weaver extreme plus

    Any feedback would be appreciated


    nice and fresh as usual.

    You could optimize the footer widget area layout by using a smaller width for the left and large for the right. You have Plus, to you can use the Custom Widget width boxes for that instead of the 2 columns settings.

    You could have 3 widgets (address, logo, conditions), and lay them out with


    so that the first one is 30% the second one is 70%, and the condition spread 100% under it. 



    Thanks Scrambler, looks much better!



    I like the creativity that goes into the design and layout.

    I searched for packages and I’m not sure the filters are working correctly. For example, I searched for a Europe/City package and the results showed cities in Europe and Tampa, USA.
    Also, the text above the search results reads: 

    Search Results for: “”



    Thanks Maureen

    My client has been populating the site, I presume she must have selected the wrong category on the package. I will tell her to go through it with a fine tooth comb once she’s finished 🙂



    You need to fill in the layout values in the smalltablet and phone box, or else it changes on these device

    if you want a different layout you can use different values like for example

    desktop: 30,70;100;

    Small tablet: 30,70;100;

    Phone: 100;100;100;

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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