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    I have just finished this one: http://en.absoluttours.com

    Any feedback would be appriciated

    You can remove the Open Sans Google font from your Weaver Xtreme Plus font definitions – it is now standard.

    I just noticed a consistency issue with the menus. The top level “ABOUT ABSOLUTE’ menu is a placeholder – it doesn’t go anywhere.

    The other two: DESTINATIONS and OUR TOURS both open to a specific page.

    I’ve struggled with this issue myself for a while now, and I still don’t know the answer. If there are no drop downs, it is obvious the top level menu will open to a new page. If there is an arrow to indicate a sub-menu, then it is not clear to me what the proper behavior of the top level should be. Should that, too, open a new page, or should it just open the submenu?

    For consistency, I think it should be one or the other, but not both. I haven’t seen any formal study on this, but my own suspicion on this is that visitors will quite commonly NOT click on a top level menu with a sub-menu – independent of the down arrow showing. As soon as you hover and a submenu opens, I think people tend to not then click on the top level. But I don’t know that for a fact.

    But even if a small percentage don’t think to click on the top level menu item, then a bunch of people will simply miss that page altogether.

    I suppose that logic can be applied to sub-sub-menus, too.

    I have not yet developed a definite personal guiedline for that, but I think I’m tending to never have a menu item with submenus open a page directly. At worst case they click, and nothing happens – this won’t be a surprise, and they will just move on down to a submenu item. On the other hand, if they never think to click on that item, they’ll never see the page.

    But, I do think a site should be all one or the other, and not some of each.


    Note: You don’t have a favicon yet.

    Follow up on Menus:

    I did a bit of what others are saying about this, and it does seem to be fact that a significant number of people will never think to click on the top level menu that has a submenu.

    So, that means that IF you do link to a page from the top level menu, it can’t contain any important content (just like you did), but probably a table of contents sort of thing.

    But it would also be consistent to have them all be placeholders. One interesting observation is that the menus on most common PC Apps never use the top level menu for anything – this is at least partly why they don’t think to click on a top level menu with a submenu on a web site.

    But I still think they should all behave the same – either a link to a “table of contents” type of page, or no link at all, but not both ways.


    I like how you used gallery images as links to the destination pages. Are you using the Jetpack gallery feature?  Also nice typography.

    The Facebook link in the upper right does not seem to be working, and on the contact page, the 2 columns are not quite aligned on top. 
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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