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    I wondering why nothing happends when I put css in adm theme main options for mobile, is it not the right css?


    This is the css: {margin-top:0px; padding:0px;} but it maked it worse. 
    I realy want zero space in mobile.
    Please help.


    Please do not double post…

    And you need to be more precise about what you mean. You are not saying what space is the issue, I assume it is the space above the titles like in your other thread.

    You are not saying where you are putting the CSS either…

    Regarding the space above titles, you first need to remove the line breaks you added before the titles, and explain what you were trying to solve with that so we can give you the proper CSS solution. Adding line breaks is NOT the solution!

    On mobile at the top, between you slider and the first title, you have an extra space coming an empty container in you panel / grid layout.
    <div class=”panel-grid-cell” id=”pgc-376-0-2″><div class=”layout-full panel-row-styleno-bottom-padding  margin-top -15px padding-top 0 padding-bottom panel-cell-style”>&nbsp;</div></div>

    So this has nothing to do with the theme and under your control and the way you are using the plugin.

    We do not know that plugin, so you need to learn how to use that plugin, or check with the plugin developer how to do that.


    Ok I am a beginner with this support, I am sorry.
    I know now how emty columns work with Pagebuilder but why Is there more space than in the website?
    If you look now I dont have any space above the slider in startpage web but in mobile, why?


    As far as I can see the two line breaks are still there on every title…

    If you are using a cache plugin, please clear the cache so I can see the real site


    Ok can you tell me how I can move the posttitle and pagetitle two breaks down whithout <br>? I have tested everything, this is the only way for us right now. As I written in my other discussions and you said to put css in rule box {margin-top:20px;} , but i does not work! 
    By the way… this works { font-weight:bold; } becuse I also want the title bold. I can not anderstand why this is so hard. You got to belive me, when I take away the two breaks and testing that you are saying to me… nothing happends. When I am going home from my work I could clear the cache.


    This topic has been closed because @larsa is double posting the same questions under two different titles. We don’t need this sort of confusion!

    See: http://forum.weavertheme.com/discussion/13697/remove-space-in-page-builder-siteorgin#latest

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