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    I have a legacy website that is still on Weaver II. At the bottom of each page, in the comment section, it reads “Leave a Reply”. How do I change that to ‘Leave a Comment”.

    Here’s the link: http://judygerlach.com/


    I seem to remember there was an option for that, but not sure where it was and if it required the pro version.

    You really need to consider upgrading to Xtreme, Weaver II is completely obsolete.

    Procedure below




    How long does it take to convert a Weaver II site to Extreme?


    Not very long.

    You should read the article first and ask any questions about it before you start.


    I glanced through through the article and it looks like a lot of steps. My newer sites were built using Xtreme. The reason I’m reluctant to switch the other sites is because of time. Once I start a conversion, I have to complete it because I can’t afford the sites to be down for very long. When I get a large window of free time, I will give it a shot.

    But back to my original question about the title of the comment window. I saw in Weaver’s Weaver II forum sticky post that  “If you have small tweaks or issues with legacy Weaver II sites, we can still provide help.” I figured what I was asking was a small tweak. It seems as though it should be an easy fix.


    The steps in the article are there to make it as easy as possible, but they don’t really require a lot of time.

    If you are afraid of having the site down two things.

    As explained in the article, you can go back and forth between weaver II and Xtreme during the conversion process.

    Ultimately, you can also clone your site in a subdirectory, and do the conversion on the clone then propagate the settings.

    Problem is I don’t have weaver II installed anywhere anymore so I cant look around for the option (have you?)

    May be @weaver will remember if / where the option to change the text of  “leave a reply” is.


    Sorry – at this point, spending time on tracking down Weaver II details is just beyond my interest or time capacity, especially for something I would consider fairly unimportant – changing reply to comment. I really can’t see how updating any site based on Weaver II can be critical at this point – that site must have been displaying “reply” for years by now – how can it be important to change now?

    At any rate, Weaver and WordPress have moved on to more modern design paradigms, and your post here has prompted me to update the Weaver II sticky post to essentially end all support for that theme. I do believe that there are some new elements added to WordPress 5 that aren’t really fully supported by Weaver II. I don’t think Weaver II breaks, but there may be some things that may not work 100% the same way as in the past. Any such issues will not be fixed our updated.

    As noted in the revised sticky post, at this point starting with a totally fresh design is probably a better approach than trying the conversion process.


    I never said it was important. I was just asking if it was possible, that’s all. I saw your sticky saying you were still helping with small tweaks and issues so I thought I’d ask.





    I began converting one of my Weaver II sites to Xtreme. I’m using the clone in a subdirectory method. I’m now at the “fixing the widgets” stage and have run into a problem. Whenever I try to Preview or Update a page, I get an error message in a red banner at the top of the screen that says “Updating Failed”. All pages and content seem to be showing up OK. I will have to adjust the fonts, etc. but I can’t Preview or Update.

    Would you like this to be posted in another thread or should we keep it here?




    You can keep it in there, but I am not sure what exactly may have happened.

    It sounds like something is corrupted in the WordPress install.

    After you cloned the site and before you started doing anything to it, were you able to update pages.

    If you did no try, I think you should may be redo the clone, then test the clone fully to make sure it is working on the admin site (editing pages and posts etc…) before doing any changes.


    I did a Google search and found other people having the same problem. They suggested I install a plugin called Classic Editor and that solved the problem.

    Is there no longer a way to have three widget areas side by side by side in the footer area?



    Actually I just ran in to that WordPress bug, and installing the Classic editor does fix it 🙂

    Yes you can add any number of widgets side by side in the Footer Widget Area.

    You go to Main options > Footer > Footer widget area  and set the columns to three. Then Add the three widgets in the footer widget area.

    Below is a guide article of widget area layouts




    Thanks for your patience. I’ve been battling some health issues in recent years; that’s why I’m behind converting to Xtreme.

    I was able to set up 3 columns in the footer OK. Just a couple more issue to resolve.

    When I go to preview any page other than the home page, I get this error message:


    Sorry, you are not allowed to preview drafts.

    <b>Warning</b>: Parameter 1 to W3_Plugin_TotalCache::ob_callback() expected to be a reference, value given in <b>/var/www/vhosts/gerlachproductions.com/communiclips/wp-includes/functions.php</b> on line <b>4339</b>


    I’ve spent the last hour on Google trying to find a solution. I found this:

    1.  Find the file /wp-content/plugins/w3-total-cache/lib/W3/Plugin/TotalCache.php
    2.  Go to line 512, and replace following
      function ob_callback(&$buffer)
      function ob_callback($buffer)
    3.  Save it.

    But there is no directory called W3 in the latest version of W3TC I’m using. And besides, I would think W3TC would have fixed this bug by now since it was first reported several years ago. I deleted the W3TC plugin, cleared my browser’s cache/cookies & the problem still exists. I’m thinking this may have something to do with my hosting server. The clue for me is this part of the error message: <b>/var/www/vhosts/gerlachproductions.com/</b>

    That doesn’t look like a WordPress file address. What do you make of this error message? Remember, I’m still working on this site in a subdirectory of the Weaver II version of the site. Do you think the Xtreme version being in the subdirectory could be the culprit for the preview issues?



    this is a W3 total cache issue, you should speak with them. If they have a bug, they should fix it.

    Now the fact that if you delete the plugin the error persist does seem strange, unless you are using some other caches like Cloudflare.


    There’s another problem I’m experiencing that may be related to this error problem… I can preview the home page of the cloned/Xtreme version and view the home page of the Xtreme version using the “Visit the Site” function. But whenever I click on a menu link, it takes me to the page on the original Weaver II site. That’s probably what’s happening when I try to preview.

    The file path listed in the error message is part of the Weaver II site:


    For some reason, my service provider has my overall account listed as gerlachproductions.com, perhaps because that was my first website. So that part of the path is confusing. But if it were to point to the functions.php file in the converted Xtreme version (communiclips2), it would read:


    So perhaps if we can figure out why the Weaver Xtreme menu links are pointing to the Weaver II site, that would solve the preview error message. Your thoughts?

    Here’s the link to the new Xtreme site so you can see how the menu links point back to the Weaver II site:



    The links are probably because you need to update the permalinks on the cloned site.

    Go to Settings > Permalinks, and save

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