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    1. menathor
      Posted 1 day ago #

      Hi guys,

      I can’t figure out how to select the featured image size displayed by the plugin? I’m trying to display a list of post excerpts with the featured image in “thumbnail” size, however the plugin displays them all as “large”.


    2. wpweaver
      Plugin Author

      Posted 22 hours ago #

      This turns out to not be a simple question.

      There are several things that will factor into this question.

      There is no option in the plugin to control this as it will always use the thumbnail size by default. There are several factors that can change this – mostly depending on exactly which theme you are using the plugin with.

      There is an option in the Current Filter box called “Native Theme Support”. If you check the option to disable this, you should get the thumbnail size of the FI (assuming there is a thumbnail size in the media library – this is not always true), although the layout of the posts might not then match your theme’s layout.

      If that option does then start to display a thumbnail size, then the issue is that the plugin is using the post display layout provided by your host, and the size of the FI is no longer under control of the plugin.

      For more help, would need the name of your theme and preferably a link to the site.

      You also might consider switching this discussion to our full support forum –http://forum.weavertheme.com.


    Hey guys,

    Have moved this over to these forums as asked. These are great forums, but I never get the email notifications of follow up posts (even though all email notification settings are selected in my account settings). It’s the only site I have this issue with so don’t think it’s on my end?

    Anyway, back to the conversation! The theme I’m using is Weaver II Pro. Would you consider adding a size=”xxxx” variable to the plugin which would allow us to select the featured image size from the defined wordpress sizes? That would make it much more flexible. There are a few other “show content” plugins which do this, however overall they’re not as comprehensive as ATW show posts


    Did you miss the part where weaver said he needs a link to your site and the name of theme you use ?


    Hey Scrambler – I mentioned I’m using Weaver II Pro at the bottom of the post, but I forgot the site- it’s http://thesunpilots.com

    The same problem happens with [weaver_show_posts] so maybe this thread should be moved to a Weaver category.. I’ve investigated further and found the width of the images in the shortcode was being affected by the Post Specifics -> Featured Images -> Featured Image Width, Blog settings. I have this set to 100% as I like to have full width featured images on my regular blog pages.

    @weaver If the Weaver shortcode / ATW plugin could have a size=”thumbnail/medium/large” variable, it would be fantastic and make it much more flexible. Would you consider adding it to the next update? I imagine it would be fairly easy to implement with something like wp_get_attachment_image_src( get_post_thumbnail_id($postid), $imagesize )

    if you have weaver II pro, the feature image size is picked up from Main options > Post Specifics > Featured image section.

    You have one setting for blog page and one for single post pages, you can choose Thumbnail, medium, or large, and these are the wordpress sizes created when you uploaded your images, based on the wordpress media settings.

    But I don’t see where in your page you are using the ATW Show post or the weaver show post, can you be more specific?


    I’ve stopped using the plugin for now, since it’s not possible to control the shortcode featured image size separately to Weaver Pro II’s featured image settings. To be exact, it’s the ‘Featured Image Width, Blog’ settings in Weaver’s Post Specifics > Featured image section which are controlling the shortcode-rendered images. The same problem happens with the built in [weaver_show_posts] shortcode.

    My wordpress thumbnail size is set to 150px and this is what I need to use for the shortcode-rendered featured images. However my Weaver featured image size is “Large” / 100% because I need to display full sized images on my blog pages. So unfortunately it seems the plugin / shortcode can’t do what I need.

    It would be great if @weaver could add a size= variable in the next update to allow the size manually chosen via the shortcode!


    For the ATW Show Posts, the FI is matched to Weaver II/Aspen/Weaver Xtreme FI sizes. That can’t be changed because of the mechanism used to display the posts – which is actually just using the existing code to display posts in the themes.

    Weaver Xtreme has a bunch of new options for displaying the Post  FI size based on excerpt, full, or single page view. This is as close as it can get.

    As for the [show_posts] plugin, it will display FI’s as a thumbnail by default – IF the “Disable sutomatic post display integration” option is checked. But then the posts will get a farily generic display that won’t match the theme’s display.

    There simply is no technical way to have the [show_posts] option display any different size FI while at the same time integrating with Weaver themes.



    If you ned the featured images in the show post to be smaller than the ones in the theme, then we can do that with Custom CSS.

    I would need you to put the Show posts in again to be sure, but it probably is a rule like below in Advanced Options > Head Section > CUstom CSS Rule box

    .atw-show-posts img.featured-image {max-width:150px;}

    With the value you want


    Thanks guys. The CSS solution is a good workaround- didn’t think of that!

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