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    the screenshot shows a category-page. (http://finanzmarktwelt.de/inside-risse/)
    The thumbnails are not fully visibil, but they are completely uploaded, as you can see using chrome element inspection.
    Do you know why and how I can change that ?
    Best regards,


    This is very strange indeed. I would suspect a plugin is messing with images.

    Try deactivating any plugin related to images, or ALL and see if the problem goes away


    I’m glad @scrambler can’t figure this out either. I spent some time and didn’t see any existing CSS that would cause this, either.

    The FI’s seem to be cropped to a cinematic layout. Note that not all the images are clipped, so a key to figuring this out is what is the difference between the posts that show clipped images, and those that show the full Fi image?

    There is something crazy going on, If I change the font-size, it changes how the images are cropped…
    But I saw some images have an attribute that seem to come from and image loader optimizer, and that is why I suspect a plugin. I still cant figure out what they would do that would cause such a symptom.

    all plugins deactivated – the problem is still there
    also I tried deleting the featured image and set it again, but same result.
    this category e.g. themes to be ok: http://finanzmarktwelt.de/hintergrund/

    in this category there is one of the posts with bad thumbnail, but all the others are ok

    is it possible that only one category has this problem ?

    when I minimize(make smaller) the browser-window the images look fine using chrome.
    using firefox the images change in a strange way……

    What cuts off the image appears to be the height of the excerpts paragraph. The part of the image that shows is  the part that matches the paragraph plus bottom margin height.
    So when the excerpts is tall enough that the paragraph plus bottom margin is a high as the featured image, it shows all of it.
    It appears there is a white background below the excerpts that is above the featured image.
    I figured out that the fact you hid the more message and the bottom post info lines is causing this, although I am not sure why.
    The rule below changes the overlay of the featured image and resolves the problem
    #content img.wp-post-image {position:relative;z-index:1000;}

    GREAT, thank you very much, you are really an expert !
    as for your question why hiding more-link and post info:  I am the slave of the designer 🙂

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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