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    I just purchased it solely for the purpose of being able to add short code to my pages and it doesn’t give me a button to do so.  I feel totally ripped off and of course there are no refunds.  Is there some sort of plug in I’m missing?  If so what is it?  I need to be able to add tabs to my pages.  And I need to be able to add secondary pages to a pages.  I have a page called “books” and wants to add books underneath that page as I write them.  Please help.  This is an author site.  Thanks


    I am not quite following.

    First did you buy plus after checking precisely what is does, and if so what exact function of plus were you looking at that you are not finding?

    If what you were looking for was the Tab shortcode, this is part of the free plugin called Weaver Xtreme Theme support.

    Once installed, the list of shortcodes it provides and their syntax is found in Appearance > Theme Options > Add-Ons page.

    There is no button to insert it as you need to specify some options, you just type it with the options you need in the content editor of the page, following the syntax explained in the page mentioned above.

    I am not quit efollowing what you mean by add secondary pages to your pages.

    If what you want is list the books you write in a specific page, this would be done by creating the books as posts. If you have other things to manage than books like blog posts, you can create a Post category called Books, then you can also have sub categories under that if you need.

    After that to show all your book posts in a page, you simply create a new page, select the Template “Page with Posts” and publish it. Once published, you will see a number of options in the page editing page, under Xtreme Options for this page. Using these options, you will be able to filter only the posts belonging to the Books category, chose how to display them (excerpts, full, title, title plus featured image etc…) and do many other things to format that page.

    If this is not what you were after, you will need to elaborate


    Maybe you also need this (Weaver Xtreme Options > Add-ons):

    • Tab Group – [tab_group] – Display content on separate tabs

    EDIT: it was already mentioned earlier…


    Just to be clear, and try to understand what you said/asked:

    What, exactly to you mean by: “it doesn’t give me a button to do so”? A button on the editor for each and every shortcode supplied by the plugin?

    If so, then note that particular capability is extremely uncommon. There are a few plugin that add an editor button to add a shortcode (and Weaver Show Posts and Weaver Show Sliders do, in fact, do that). Those plugins have a comprehensive set of options that are part of the generated shortcode, and support and essentially unlimited number of variations of the shortcode using those options. The native [gallery] and media library image attributes are other examples, but those are really essential, integrated components of WordPress. So it makes some sense to add a button to the editor.

    But that kind of capability usually doesn’t make much sense. More commonly the shortcode is very simple, or has many options, but without any options interface to generate those options. So it is far more common for most plugins to support only manual insertion of the shortcode.

    Nowhere in the Weaver Xtreme Plus documentation or promotional material does it imply that the new shortcodes it provides are anything other than traditional shortcodes as provided my many plugins. Where there are multiple instances of a shortcode (for example, [shortcoder], the option interface provides a convenient example of the particular instance that can easily be copy/pasted into your content.).

    As for the other content related question, please create a separate post for that. We cannot answer two completely different questions in a single post, and it is not clear what you mean by secondary pages.

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