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    See speed test at the link below on the waterfall tab and you will see a theme file path loading that is soooo long.  Where is this and how can it be removed?


    File Path Below:



    @weaver will have to comment if this is legit or not.


    I can’t be sure what you mean, but you provided links that went elsewhere than your site.

    And the link to the “file path” was to contents, and was not appropriate content for this forum. I’ve edited your links.

    But as nearly as I can tell once I actually found a link to your real site, tthere is the Google Fonts file for the fonts used by the theme. This font file is highly optimized, and has never caused negative reports from performance measurment sites.

    This is not really that big of a file, and is essential to get your site to appear properly on mobile devices, which these days comprise well over half of site views.

    But your site also has several other fonts being loaded by plugins, which are out of control of the theme.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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