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    I’m stuck at another menu-related issue, and I’d like to ask for your help if you don’t mind.

    The website is again gradeaed.com and the issue I’m having this time is that I’d like to hide the slug of the “news” page from the URL when people visit one of the sub-pages of that particular parent page.

    For example, when you click on the “news” item in the main menu (the one below the header) nothing happens because I have set that page to act as a placeholder. However, when you click on either USA News or UK News the URL that displays in the browser is gradeaed.com/news/uknews (likewise for USA News, but showing usa instead of uk).

    Well, I would like people to only see gradeaed.com/usanews (or gradeaed.com/uknews) instead of the longer URL, but I don’t know how to do this. Can you please tell?

    That’s one thing.

    The 2nd thing that I don’t understand is why the USA News and the UK News sub-pages display posts as title only, instead of title + excerpt. I remember that at some point they showed the excerpt just fine, but I think I may have done something bad while playing with the options and the css rules and now I can’t figure out for the life of me what I did wrong, or how to make these 2 pages display excerpts again. Can you please share a tip or 2 on how to fix this? Just point me to the right setting / css rule and I’ll figure out how to do it on my own, no problem.

    And lastly, there are these 2 checkboxes under the “Page with Posts” tab on the page options section:

    For posts with Post Format specified, use compact layout on blog/archive pages.
    <label>For regular, non-PostFormats posts, show title + first image on blog pages.</label>

    I can’t figure out what these things do, can you give me a fool-proof explanation? The part that I don’t understand is this “with Post Format specified”. I mean, where is the “post format” thing specified exactly??

    I have a feeling that the 2 above settings might help me fix the 2nd issue that I mentioned in this post, but I can’t say for sure because I don’t fully understand what these 2 settings refer to. Currently, none of these settings is enabled on either page (USA News / UK News)

    And I think that’s all. I apologize for having to bother you again (I really don’t like bothering people), but I’m stuck and I need your help fixing these 2 minor issues which have consumed the last few hours of my time.

    Thanks in advance!


    I believe the way the URLs are displayed has to do with the permalinks. WordPress has different settings for them in Settings > Permalinks, and there may be plugins, or manual PHP changes that could be made to customize further, you would need to search WordPress.org for that.

    About your two post pages, how are they created, are they made using a Page with posts, or a regular page and a Show Posts shortcode?
    In each of these you have options on how to display posts, and one of these options is Title only. Check what you selected.

    Post format are an almost deprecated WordPress feature that no one uses anymore, it is found in each post editing page on the right side. It used to be a way to define different layouts for posts, but with the capabilities you have nowadays and especially with Weaver, there is really no need for their use.




    Regarding the page with posts issue… I can see the settings you are talking about, but here’s the thing: neither page has anything selected. And by selecting “excerpts” no excerpts show up anyway. The only thing that works is “full post”. If I choose this then the posts do get displayed fully indeed, including their images. For anything else that I choose (excerpt, title only, title + feature image, or nothing) the pages only display the titles, as you can see on my website. And this makes me think that I have enabled / disabled a setting somewhere in the weaver admin settings panel that deals with this issue specifically. Or maybe I have added a certain CSS code maybe??

    Also, these 2 pages are created as normal page and then set as Page with Posts under the page options section. I wonder… could this happen because the category pages and these 2 pages have almost identical URL? Could this create a confusion in the WP database and stop WP from displaying things properly? I don’t know, I’m just speculating…

    As for the URL issue, thanks for the heads-up. I will take a look at the permalinks and see if I can do something from there.

    And I also think you should remove those 2 options from your next update if you say that they are useless anyway.



    If you have named pages the same name as other ones, this is very possibly causing issues as WP is known to be finicky about that. Try a new Page wioth post named test to clear that up.

    If the display posts as excerpts does not work, then something is wrong, and if not the above, then all I can think of is some plugin interaction.

    Deactivate ALL non weaver plugin and see if the issues goes away.

    Also I assume you are not using a child theme with changes in it. If you do, also try without the child theme.


    The URL slug was fixed simply by turning the sub-pages into pages.

    The other issue (the more important one), however… it just doesn’t work. I’ve not tried disabling every plugin to see which one is causing the issue – if any of them does – because I dread having to test things so granularly. I may, or may try it in the future, I don’t know and will depend on my mood lol…

    Also, I’m not using a child theme. I just chose a blank sub-theme and customized the hell out of that one by going through each and every setting in the admin panel and toying with them until I got the design I like.

    Anyway, I’ll leave this for now and if I still don’t manage to make it work at some point in time (after I’m done with all other aspects of the website) I will just give you login access to my site and let you fix it for me…. IF you want to do that, obviously. If not, I don’t know… may God have mercy on me cause only I know how panicky and fixist I am with things that don’t work like I want them to, so I might end up throwing the computer out the window and never do online business again LOL


    “The other issue (the more important one), however… it just doesn’t work. I’ve not tried disabling every plugin to see which one is causing the issue – if any of them does – because I dread having to test things so granularly. “

    You are overthinking stuff here.

    You just go to your plugin page and deactivate ALL the non weaver plugins and check if the problem goes away.

    If it does, up to you to go reactivate one by one or not, but at least you will know if it is a plugin issue or not 🙂


    you make a valid point, but I’m not in the mood for doing this. Not now anyway. I’ll take care of the other issues first and then I’ll see what I can do about this one.

    Thanks for the support, still 🙂

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