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    This morning I logged in and tried to edit my pages with Beaver Builder and the text color is white on a white background. This is in Beaver Builder…all my pages look fine on the front-end. Any suggestions on how to fix so I can edit?

    Also, my other websites that are set-up the same way are working fine like usual…I edit in Beaver Builder and see black text on a white background.




    Update: I just noticed that this issue occurs within the normal WordPress editor too…not only Beaver Builder. I cleared cache and still same issue.



    What part is wrong (not matching your weaver settings), the text color or the background. Verify the weaver settings

    Make sure you have the latest versions of the Theme (4.2.2) and of the Theme Support Plugin (4.0.3)

    Make sure you have not checked Advanced Options > Admin options > Disable page/post editor styling.


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    I don’t know how Beaver Builder picks up its text and bg colors. Weaver Xtreme determines the text and bg colors for page content (it uses page content settings for both pages and posts). These colors are quite reliably passed on to the new block editor and the classic editor if you haven’t disabled page/post editor styling.

    There also is an option (Customizer : Colors : Content : Page/Post Editor BG) that can change the BG color just on the editor. This is most useful if you are using a transparent BG over a dark BG image.

    But I don’t know about Beaver Builder.



    Actually I  checked disable page post editor styling and that solved my issue. I totally forgot about Admin options. Thanks for leading me in the right direction.

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