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    I use a table to show a list of photos (4 photos per row) associated with a list of names.
    The photos are on the odd lines (1-3-5 …) and the names associated with the photos are on the even lines (2-4-6 …).
    I can easily center the photos in the cells, but I can not center the texts. However, in text mode, I entered the following code for each cell:
    <Td align = “center”> <span style = “color: # ff6600;”> sample text </ span>
    In the administration of the theme Weaver, Main Options, Content, Table Style Areas,, I choose the “Wide” model.
    How to align text correctly?


    Tables are really the wrong way to accomplish your task. For one thing, tables are inherently not responsive, and your table will most likely not layout properly on mobile devices. Over 50% of all web traffic these days comes from mobile devices!

    The native WordPress gallery feature of the Media Library is really the correct way to do this. The process is quite simple:

    You add your images to the Media Library. You add a caption (your list of names) to each individual photo. You then simply add a gallery via the Add Media button in the editor to a page or post. You can specify the number of columns from that interface. And then everything will work. The WP Gallery interface allows you to drag the images around to sort them how you need to, add or delete images, and mix and match as necessary.

    If you insist on using tables, we cannot provide much help without a link to your site. But I’d highly recommend to never uses tables for the task you describe.


    Thank you for your reply,
    I know we should avoid the tables. But, I use tables with very few columns and very small contents. I have never used the wordpress galleries: I will follow your advice. Thank you.


    And you need to think about upgrading to Xtreme, weaver II is really obsolete now.

    There is a detailed conversion in the article below

    Converting a Weaver II (Pro) or Aspen site to Weaver Xtreme

    And with the Plus Plugin, you also get an extremely flexible flex colum widget tools that can create very elaborate responsive layouts

    X-Plus Flex Columns Widget: Usage and Customizations

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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