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    My site is on Weaver Extreme and I use Yoast SEO for breadcrumbs. I’m getting this warning on goggle webmaster tools – data-vocabulary.org schema is deprecated

    I know extreme pulls the breadcrumbs from Yoast, but does it still output them in the legacy schema?

    I am not using any other plugin for breadcrumbs.

    Here is an example page –





    I don’t know exactly what is generating that particular warning. What makes you think it is coming from the breadcrumbs?

    It has been some time since Weaver Xtreme added support for schema.org, and that implementation has not been reviewed recently. So it seems more likely that there is some issue with the tags Weaver is adding. There is an option under the Admin options that allows you to disable using the schema.org tags. I would try to disable that and then see if the warnings your are getting go away.

    There is some debate as to how really effective having automatically generated schema.org support really is without a lot of manual customization, and I’m actually considering dropping that support for Weaver Xtreme.

    I’d appreciate a report back if disabling schema.org support removed your warnings, as well as exactly how you used the webmaster tools to get that report in the first place.


    Adding an answer to see if that unlocks others




    The warning in search console indicates that the issue is with breadcrumbs and it highlights the breadcrumb code as the example.

    Here is the Google blog forum on this topic



    I’m a food blogger so having schema.org support is important for me for SEO for rich snippets, carousels, etc.

    I did disable schema.org on my staging site with Yoast breadcrumbs enabled and noticed no change in the tag generated by Weaver for the breadcrumb.


    You last comment seems to indicate the issue is with the Yoast breadcumbs. I haven’t tested this in some time, but the way the theme is supposed to work is that if Yoast breadcrumbs ARE enabled in the Yoast settings, then theme automatically uses those breadcrumbs. Otherwise, Weaver will generate its own breadcrumbs.

    And just to note, the previous link you provided, https://www.diprecipecreations.com/pizza-dip, has the following breadcrumbs:

    Home » Savory Dips » Pepperoni Pizza Dip with cream cheese

    Those links are NOT being generated by Weaver Xtreme, if those are what is generating your Google error message, that is not being caused by Weaver.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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