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    The passage of php from 7.4 to 8.1 creates us presentation problems on lists using parallax by displays of the form
    declared: the optional parameter $arg declared before the required parameter $text is implicitly treated as a required parameter in ……/weaver.wtreme-plus/includes/weaver_xplus.shortcodes.php

    If you have any advice to give us to put everything back in order, thank you in advance.


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    Please, a link to the site.

    And exactly which shortcode are you using?

    If it is a PHP 8 issue with Xtreme Plus, that will likely require an update. This would be the first issue reported with Plus and PHP 8.

    As an alternative, you might be able to use the WP Block Editor block that generates parallax blocks.



    I was able to generate some errors using the Use Feature Image as parallax if there was not Featured Image set.

    There is a new beta version of Weaver Xtreme and the Weaver Theme Support Plugin available for download here. (Click on the “Beta Versions” title to open page.)

    Beta Versions

    These are very stable versions, and have been tested on multiple V5 sites with no issues.

    If this doesn’t help, then as mentioned bfore, will need link to your site as well as exactly how you’re including parallax using Xplus. Just a snippet of the releavant part as shown from the WP page/post editor.

    SHP Webmaster


    This is our site under php 7.4


    I have tested beta version 6.03 and the problem persists

    I have two types of parallax with parallax image

    [dd-parallax img=”noms_rues.jpg” height=”400″ speed=”2″ z-index=”600″ position=”center” mobile=”mobile-image.jpg” offset=”true”]
    <br><br><br><br><br><br><font color=” #FFFF66″>Les noms des rues disent la ville </font>

    And with weaver xtreme plus

    [parallax img='/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/parallax-carmel.jpg' height=400 class='custom-class']
    <h3 style=”text-align: center;”></h3>


    I see you using the Duck dd-parallax shortcode in the header.

    I can’t find the page where you are using the Weaver parallax shortcode. I note in the example your provided, there is not text content in the <h3> section.

    I have tested the Weaver Xtreme Plus parallax shortcode, and it seems to work fine on at least PHP 8.0.8. I don’t have access to 8.1 but I would doubt it would have issues not in 8.0.8.

    SHP Webmaster


    Good evening on your advice I switched to php 8.0 and I thought the problem was solved. Except that after a few navigations the fault reappeared

    Exemple : Deprecated: Required parameter $slider follows optional parameter $content in /home/histazzq/rues.histoireplateau.org/wp-content/plugins/show-sliders/atw-show-sliders.php on line 617

    Strangely if I go back to the first page and go back to the faulty page it disappears but reappears a few pages later

    There is an instability , so I went back to php 7.4 in the meantime

    Here is a page with the old shortcode the following too



    Ange, Victor  P.

    SHP Webmaster


    Now There is not with Weaver Xtreme Plus parallax shortcode but the website don’t work

    Ange P


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