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    Confirmed that I deactivated all plugins at once that were not Weaver Xtreme plugins.


    Contents of system info box:

    ### Weaver System Info ###

    — WordPress Configuration —

    Site URL: https://www.bytesmart.ca/wp
    Home URL: https://www.bytesmart.ca
    Multisite: No
    Version: 5.7.2
    Language: en_US
    WP_DEBUG: Disabled
    WP Memory Limit: 40M
    Permalink: /%postname%/
    Show On Front: page
    Page On Front: Home (ID# 2)
    Page For Posts: (ID# 0)
    Current Theme: Weaver Xtreme (4.4.7)
    Post Types: post, page, attachment, revision, nav_menu_item, custom_css, customize_changeset, oembed_cache, user_request, wp_block, tribe_venue, tribe_organizer, tribe_events, tribe-ea-record, deleted_event, mc4wp-form

    — Weaver Xtreme Configuration —

    Weaver Xtreme Version: 4.4.7
    Theme Support Version: 4.4.5

    — Server Configuration —

    Operating System: Linux
    PHP Version: 7.4.20
    MySQL Version: 5.6.51
    jQuery Version: 3.5.1
    Server Software: Apache

    — PHP Configuration —

    Local Memory Limit: 256M
    Server Memory Limit:
    Post Max Size: 8M
    Upload Max Filesize: 2M
    Time Limit: 30
    Max Input Vars: 1000
    Display Errors: N/A

    — WordPress Active Plugins —

    Classic Editor: 1.6
    Google XML Sitemaps: 4.1.1
    MC4WP: Mailchimp for WordPress: 4.8.5
    MC4WP: Mailchimp for WordPress Premium: 4.8.17
    The Events Calendar: 5.7.0
    UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore: 1.16.56
    Weaver Xtreme Theme Support: 4.4.5
    Widget Shortcode: 0.3.5
    WP Edit: 4.0.4

    — WordPress Inactive Plugins —

    Weaver Show Posts: 1.5.1

    ### End System Info ###


    How badly messed up will my website be and for how long if I have to remove and reinstall the theme?

    And is there a step by step document somewhere that I could use to do that task to ensure that I don’t crash something totally while doing it?


    Leah M



    Right click on your front page and select “View Page Source”.

    Scroll down to line 48 where it reads:
    <!-- This site is using Weaver Xtreme 1.2.4 (300) subtheme: Plain White-V-297 -->

    On line 32 it reads your Xtreme CSS version:

    On line 41 it reads your Xtreme JS version:


    OK, I am confused now, your system info box says you are on the latest version of everything, as says your site, and when I look at your site on mobile, the Hamburger says Menu, not undefined.

    Did you do all the updates?

    Is the Hamburger menu label box now working?



    OK, So here is the discrepancy.

    Your system Info box says the site URL is


    That site is up to date and has a hamburger menu label that says MENU

    You system info box says Home URL is


    That site is on the Old version with the Hamburger Menu saying Undefined.

    So you appear to be running two different sites, one up to date, one completely obsolete


    Holy moley!

    No wonder everything is so confusing.

    I had no idea this was going on — and no, I haven’t updated anything at all since I asked the question.

    I don’t have any idea how the site got split into two different places, either.

    Ok, so do I need to uninstall all of it, remove the theme, install the current theme in the root location (https://www.bytesmart.ca), restore the site from the backup to there, and then go on from there?

    Yow, I wonder how on earth I ended up this way!

    (BTW, you are a very good detective — I would never have figured this out on my own!  Thank you!)


    Leah M




    May be speak with your provider, may be they can figure out the easiest way to get things in order.

    May be you WordPress settings in Appearance > Settings > General for WordPress address and site address are set wrong.



    You have some issue going on here.

    We are looking at your site from the link you posted earlier: https://bytesmart.ca/


    looking at the HTML output from opening that link shows:

    <meta name="generator" content="WordPress 4.2.2" />
    <!-- This site is using Weaver Xtreme 1.2.4 (300) subtheme: Plain White-V-297 -->

    So, you are not only running a VERY old version of WordPress – 4.2.2 – which is not supported by Weaver Xtreme, you are running a
    very old version of Weaver Xtreme 1.2.3, which is also no longer supported.

    It is almost as if you are looking at a Dashboard for a different site than the one you’ve linked.


    Sorry – I missed that the discussion had gone to a 2nd page.

    The issue is you’ve somehow gotten two versions of the site running on your home directory. There is apparently a newer version running under your site-root/wp directory, and then the old one under the site-root directory. Just which is the site-root directory will depend on your host.

    Opening the /wp version leads to a “not found” error.

    I’ve not really encountered this situation much, but one place to start is with the Appearance -> General -> URL settings. There are two. Normally they are the same, but you now have two addresses – one with /wp and one without.

    So, the issue is where is the real database with your real content? on the root, or on the /wp. One way would be to look via a file browser on your site, and see what is under the site-root diretory, and what files are found on the site-root/wp directory.

    I really don’t know what could have led the the all-of-a-sudden failure.



    Bless you and thank you — this has been very helpful.

    After some discussion with my service provider, it seems that somehow my installation got copied, and that is what is leading to all the issues.

    They have advised a couple of possible ways to resolve the issue, and I am working on one of them now.

    Thank you so much for helping with this — I was getting VERY confused until you stepped in and starting digging!



    Thank you so much!

    I have spoken with my provider at your suggestion, and explained what you have found, and they have come up with a couple of suggestions around what to do to fix it, so I’m working on one of them now.

    Bless you for all your help, and thanks so much — I was totally baffled!


    Leah M


    Hi, folks,

    Thank you all so much for your help:  using your suggestions and speculations, I managed to figure out what the issue was, and I have it temporarily fixed.

    I do indeed have two WordPress installations on the domain, and the issue came about with the Settings->Permalinks entries.

    There are two entries there that act on this:  one is the WordPress Address (URL) and the other is the WordPress Address (URL).  They are both supposed to be pointing to https://www.bytesmart.ca/wp, and the second one was pointing to https://www.bytesmart.ca instead — at the old, out-of-date installation.

    Once I corrected that, everything went back to normal, except for the fact that now I have to figure out if there are links to images or media or anything in the https://www.bytesmart.ca location before I can delete it.  That will take me a couple of hours to putz around with, identify, and get clear, and to move any assets from the old site into the newer one and relinking any of them so that nothing untoward happens to my visitors or me there.

    I would never have gotten this far without your help — thank you all!


    Leah Murray

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