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    MenuChilds do not appear:

    for the menu_bar I checked “Hide Menu Bars: ” and use “Pre-Header Code” for the below design (image)
    using: [weaver_extra_menu menu='top' style='menu_bar']

    This way the childs of the menu do not appear on hover.
    Is hover not working on [weaver_extra_menu] ?

    I choosed this way, because using the normal menu_bar it was not possible to set the image on the left from the menu bar.
    Using “Add HTML to Menu Bar” “Add HTML to Left:” makes the image appear very small.

    My goal ist to achieve the above design, no matter which way works.
    Best regards,


    This discussion was created from comments split from: How to style the extra menu shortcode.


    This is happening because the wrapping div has the CSS overflow:hidden; set. You would need to add a custom CSS rule to set overflow:visible;. Without a link, I can’t tell you exactly which CSS rule name to use, but I’m guessing you can figure that out given your question about the FI’s for the other site.

    (It is normally best to start new topics if you question isn’t related to the specific issues being discussed in an existing topic.)


    if you use the pre header code box, put the rule below in the pre header BG CSS+ box



    Thank you for your help.
    Finally I noticed that the submenu is not visible because the sub-items are below the header.
    http://inside-risse.de/   user: in  pw: 2side015
    When you change the margin of “.pre-header-code-div .top-menu” to 5px e.g. you can see that,
    “SIGNALE” and “ÜBER” have submenu-items. “SIGNALE” has 2 and “ÜBER” has 1

    Also I do not achieve to align the extra-menu:

    And when using mobil or small resolution the extra-menu does not look like the normal way,
    only having a link to the homepage and another link named “Menu”
    In my case it looks like:

    Is extra-menu not able to change to mobil-view ?

    Please always include a link to your site….
    The extra menu in weaver II (pro) do not transition to a mobile menu.
    The extra menu in Xtreme and “plus” DO TRANSITION to a mobile menu (time to upgrade 🙂 )
Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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