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    I’m working on switching my blog from weaver ii to weaver xtreme. so far it’s looking good, but there’s one problem I can’t seem to fix… I have a lot of items, sub-items and sub-sub-items in my primary menu (below header), many of which have long names (and I want it that way!). unfortunately, in my test version of my site, the sub-items don’t wrap the text, but instead just try to get as wide as the length of the text requires, even if it extends past the width of the screen. I’ve tried max-width and word-wrap, to no avail.
    also, it would be nice if on the right side of the screen, the sub-sub-items would open to the left (otherwise again they would have to extend past the screen).
    in weaver ii all this was working naturally, so I don’t really know what the problem is…
    my test site is set to private, so for now I’d like to try and solve this without posting a link. thanks in advance!

    you need to setup a test site online so we can have a look at questions like these.

    The size can be limited and text made to wrap with a rule like below in Main options > Fonts & Custom > Custom CSS Rule box

    To just let them wrap and adjust the size to the largest word use

    .is-desktop .wvrx-menu li li {white-space:normal;}

    If you wish to also fix a width make it

    .is-desktop .wvrx-menu li li {white-space:normal;width:150px;}

    As far as sub menus on the right going off screen, weaver II had the same problem, and you could fix that with custom CSS like below but you need to inspect your page with your browser developer tools to find the ID of the sub menu that needs to be affected.

    The rule below will open the sub menus of menu item with ID #xxxx to the left instead of right

    .is-desktop #menu-item-xxxx .sub-menu {left:-100%;} 

    To help with the ID number we need to have a look at the page

    Finally, if you have Plus, the upcoming version has a new option for Smart menu that do the left opening automatically when needed


    The newest version of Weave Xtreme, to be released within a couple of weeks, totally solves this issue by supporting an alternative Menu system called SmartMenus.


    hey thanks, that helps. 🙂

    and about the right menu item not opening to the left, I never saw that problem in weaver ii because my menu did not extend so far to the right.
    you guys rock!
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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