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    Somewhere is the option to move the slide title below the image

    and remove more/continue reading…..



    have you checked / tried the various featured image position option I pointed you to?

    Main options > post Specifics > Featured Image > FI location excerpts has two option that should do it, Banner above title, or with Title

    What do you have there right now?

    To hide the more link globally add the rule below in the theme Global Custom CSS Rule box

    .more-msg {display:none;}

    To do it on the slider only, add the rule below in the Slider Custom CSS Rule box (bottom of slider option page)

    .this-sliderĀ .more-msg {display:none;}



    ok moved the image above the title – thanks!
    Customising >images> post specific> featured image excerpt posts>banner above title

    I’m trying to put some specific posts on the page too
    It says to use the page with posts template
    I set up a posts filter with the posts but seem to have every post possible




    I realised I’m trying to display a set of excerpts from a set of pages rather than posts

Viewing 4 posts - 33 through 36 (of 36 total)

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