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    The help page looks like this
    I’m looking for a menu with horisontal sub menus just like the 2 lines under the tree where the first line is the menu and the second line the sub menu. the sub menu should stay there

    I tried the code lower down that page but the sub menu only appeared on hover and it overlapped the content





    Please provide a link to your site.

    But I do not understand what you mean by the sub menu should stay there.

    Are you saying you want the sub menus to be always visible?

    If so, given each main menu Item has a different sub menu, then it is going to be a mess with all the sub menus of all the menu items all visible at the same time.

    In this case you would be better off with all menu items being main menu items spread on two lines.

    Please clarify



    I meant that only sub menu of the selected menu item should stay there




    Still don’t understand. A sub menu should show up on hover and disappear when not hovering. If not, if they show up but don’t go away, there would always be a sub menu open which would be quite confusing.

    So please be more precise about the behavior, and I will still need a link to the site to be sure of the CSS



    Have a look at the menu in the middle here Scrambler


    I’m looking for a sub menu that stays present like the menu and sub menu here





    If you want a sub menu that stays present on click, you will need to look for a plugin.

    This requires JavaScript, and is not part of weaver menus



    Thanks Scramblers

    I tried this sticky menu but wasnt sure what item to make sticky


    This code gives me a 80px height
    How to shift the menus to the left?


    @media (min-width:768px)
    .wvrx-menu {padding-bottom:80px;}

    .wvrx-menu ul li {display:inline-block;
    width: 300px;
    height: 50px;






    1) This has nothing to do with what you discussed

    A sticky menu is a main menu bar that stay on ALL the time. This is actually a standard option in weaver, in the menu options you can choose stick on top, or stick on top on scroll.

    2) Instead of giving me rules you tried, please explain in details what you are trying to do.

    If you are trying to shift the horizontal sub menus left so they all fit in the page, I can help you with that, but first you should disactivate smart menus. Smart menus use a lot of scripts that makes the CSS harder to setup.

    Once done, we can fine tune the horizontal sub menus



    Hi Scrambler
    yes I did confuse what sticky meant

    I deactivated smart menus

    I tried to make the theme mega menus work but couldnt figure out where to find the screen to put ‘mega menu mega normal’


    Instead I’m now trying WP mega menu plugin. It also doesnt keep the sub menu there or allow a space for it.

    This is what I’m trying to achieve


    If would be great if that could be done just using Weaver 🙂







    For the menu items that have a sub menu which you would like to keep open. Is there a page corresponding each of these main menu Items.

    What I mean, is that if you click on a menu that has a sub menu, does it go to a specific page, and it is on that page that you would like to see the sub menu permanently open.

    If so, then, assuming you have the Xtreme “Plus” plugin, you could add the sub menu as an extra menu on that specific page.

    So on this pages there would be two menus, the main site menu, and a second menu containing the same items as the sub menu items.



    That’s a useful question Scrambler
    The sub menu would have to appear on the 4-5 sub pages
    For each menu item there would need to be a different sub menu for its 4-5 sub pages

    Here is another one (beware content)








    You are not really answering my question, which was when you click on a main menu item that has sub menu, does that go to a different page.

    If yes, you can use an extra menus to add the sub menu in the page on the main menu item, as well as all the sub menu pages



    Thanks again Scrambler

    There are two ways of doing this when you click a main menu item
    a) Yes it can go to a different page and then bring up a new set of sub menus that are the same for each of the sub pages – the only difference on the sub pages is which item on the sub menu is highlighted

    b) It keeps with the same page – the home page but when you click the menu item it only changes the visible sub menu.
    It’s only when you click the sub menu item that it goes to the new page

    I thought (b) would be more easily achievable as thats what a normal menu does

    Howver if there’s a way of adding a new menu to pages is there a plugin?  (a) would be just as good if not better



    I am telling you, doing b) would require JavaScript programing, as there is no way to apply CSS On click (that I know of at least).

    But if clicking the menu items goes to a different page, then you have a solution within Xtreme and the Plus plugin standard features. SO if you have the Xtreme Plus plugin, or buy it, you will have a solution with that.

    If you really want a, you need to search for a menu plugin on WordPress.org that offers the feature.




    Thanks again Scrambler I have a plan c

    Is there a way to move the secondary menu so it’s just below the primary menu

    The options seem to put the them the other way around



    If you use the option move secondary menu to the bottom, The secondary menu and the primary menu will be on top of eachother, but the secondary will be the top one.

    Bit given you need different menus on different page, you will still need the Plus plugin, as only with the plus plugin, can you change the menu content on a page by page basis

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