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    I am developing a series of on-line learning courses using the WP Plugin LearnPress for course management.  A course or lesson that is part of the structure is then displayed as a “page” on the site and in the menu structure are categorized as “course” or “lesson”.

    I would like to be able to add an appropriate sidebar to each of these pages.  Is there a quick and easy way to accomplish this or do I have to do some editing, and if so, where?  Sorry I can’t show you, I’m working locally.
    Eileen Nelson

    There are several ways to accomplish this with Weaver Extreme — assuming the content is truly on a real page, and not a single page. (You might find Weaver Show Posts perfect for this kind of application, or the Weave Xtreme Page with Posts template).

    1.  You can use a plugin like Dynamic Widgets to get specific widgets on a give widget area on a per page basis.

    2. You can use the Weaver Per Page text widget.

    3. You can use Weaver Xtreme Per Page replacement widget areas for Primary, Secondary, etc. – This may be the easiest to manage across many pages as the alternate widget areas are specified with each page, and you can easily reuse widgets for different pages.


    Thanks for that reply.  This may be a dumb questions but How do I determine if it is a real page and not a single page.  Here are my examples:  I know you can’t use the links, but you can see the structure.

    1.  This is the link to a page that allows me to do styling right on the edit this page:  http://localhost/classtest/learnpresscoursepage/
    2.  This is the link to a “page” that doesn’t allow me to edit it.  http://localhost/classtest/courses/module-2-taking-these-courses/  
    This one has a different layer to the url
    3.  Here is another example of a “page” that doesn’t allow me to edit it.http://localhost/classtest/lessons/plant-parts/
             Also has a second layer.  
    I don’t think I could use the per page text widget because I can’t get to the page editor on #2 and #3 — only to edit this lesson or edit this course so I can’t see any widget area, or choose any page template.  
    I did get the following reply from WordPress forums when I asked the same question. It goes a ways beyond my expertise, but I should be able to find people to assist me.   

    The template files can be found within the /learnpress
    plugin directory/templates/… You can edit these files in an upgrade safe way
    through overrides. Simply copy it into a directory within your theme named
    /learnpress, keeping the same file structure, but removing the /templates/
    subdirectory. In your case, you should override file course_content.php, call
    your sidebar in wherever you want(with condition is single page).

    I apprecaite all your feedback – it definitely helps me to learn more.

    Your links to 2 and 3 do not work.

    But if this pages are indeed generated by a plugin with their own templates, and these template do not include a sidebar, then the theme most likely cannot do anything about them. I would ask the plugin developer if they have options to add the sidebar to their pages.

    I do recall something about the theme being able to make the sidebar available to a plugin template like Woocomerce, but @weaver would have to elaborate about that.


    The links indeed do not work – they are “localhost” links.

    IF a plugin tries to use the standard WordPress ‘get_sidebar()’ function, Weaver Xtreme should put up a generic right sidebar. This is not overly uncommon, but is also overly simplified so the method can’t take advantage of Weaver’s sidebar layout possibilities.


    So, in theory, I should be able to put that function into their page?  I should be able to work around it . . so thanks to both of you for your help.


    Learndash courses, lessons, and topics are all custom post types, and work like posts, not pages.

    I’ve used Weaver and Learndash together.  Dynamic Widgets, though very detailed to set up, allows customizing what appears in the Weaver Sidebars, on different pages, posts, or custom post types.  Dynamic Widgets has selectors that allow you to designate precisely where the widgets will and won’t appear.  You can populate your widgets with Learndash shortcodes for course listings, lessons, progress, topics, etc.  
    With the combination of the level of intricacies of LD, Weaver and Dynamic Widgets, my suggestion is to do things as simple as possible to make sure you are getting the results you want, and no others.
    We did one for the Institute for the Prevention of In-Custody Death Training Center in 2014 for an online  recertification class using this combination.  see:www.ipicdtc.com.
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